Keep Nuptial Knot Rock Solid with these Tips

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 29, 2014

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Marriages are made in heaven’ and the onus lies on your shoulders to make this heavenly relationship prosper and stay strong.
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    Don't Let the Spark Die

    According to a belief in Hindiusm, the bond of marriage is meant to last for eternity. However, the thread which weaves two people together for rest of their lives tends to fall weak with time. But, to your surprise comes the fact that it is not at all difficult to keep your relationship alive and the bond strong. With these simple steps you can keep your marriage strong forever.

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    Accept Each Other

    Some of your spouse’s habits may be a big turn off for you. But, try accepting them. Understand that no one is perfect and your partner too is dealing with your shortcomings. Stop struggling to make your partner seize being what they actually are.

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    Don’t Demand! Request

    Never order your partner to perform a task. This will create bitterness in the relationship. If you request them and give them something in return as a reward, they would definitely do it that too with a smile.

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    When you spend a lot of time together, you tend to take each other for granted. This leads to non-appreciation and creates negativity in the relationship. Tell your partner how good they are at things. It will give both of you a positive approach towards life and the relationship.

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    Ignore Negativity

    You must learn to ignore each other’s negative aspects. Whenever you feel that your partner’s shortcomings are taking a toll on your mental well-being, try to focus on their virtues. This will pull you away from pessimism and bring you closer to your partner.

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    Recall Happier Times

    It is very important for married couples to just sit and think about their happier days. Take out time from your busy schedule for this activity and think about the day when you saw each other for the first time or the first time you confessed your feelings. This will make you cherish your relationship.

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  • 7


    Never turn your back on your partner. This is a sin which you should never commit in your entire lifetime. This act may leave scars which would never heal. Always be there for your spouse and make them feel that irrespective of the situation, you will always stand by their side.

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  • 8

    Keep Trying

    If you want to have a healthy and peaceful relationship with your spouse, you should never stop trying to make your relationship the best. Even if you think your relationship is perfect, never forget that there is always a scope for improvement.

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    Perform Daily Tasks Together

    Always try to help each other while performing household chores. It is not always necessary to go out on a date to spend some time together. You can do that while paying off the bills too.

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    Pay Attention

    It is very important for both of you to pay attention towards each other’s needs. This will help you connect with your partner and you will never stop learning about each other.

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  • 11

    Show Trust and Commitment

    Always remember that your relationship is not always about doing big things like taking a vacation together. It could sometimes also mean just hugging your partner when they feel low. You must show trust and faith towards your relationship to keep it going.

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