Kareena Kapoor: A healthy attitude is important to stay fit

By:Janhavi Samant, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 01, 2015

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From a flabby teenager to a glamorous diva, Kareena Kapoor has a great transformation story to tell. Once, she even made headlines for attaining a size zero figure. It is unremarkable how Kareena made up her mind to shed all those extra pounds and embarked on a journey to fitness. Here's her side of the story.
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    What's your fitness mantra?

    A healthy attitude towards life is very important to stay fit. Have a clear soul, eat a balanced diet and exercise right.

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    What kind of fitness routine do you usually follow?

    I dedicate two hours for my workout every day. Yoga and cardio exercises are a part of my daily workout. My routine includes power yoga and surya namaskars. I do 500 kapalbhatis a day and cardio involves running, biking and swimming.

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    What does fitness mean to you?

    Fitness does not mean having rigorous dieting norms. Balance is the key to fitness and a simple Indian diet goes a long way to keep you fit.

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    What part of your workout do you enjoy the most?

    Yoga is my favourite fitness activity. I can do 50 surya namaskars and hold complex poses for more than 30 seconds!

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    A fitness tip for your fans

    Include plenty of water in your daily routine. Your daily food intake should be in proportion to your daily physical activity. Follow a balanced diet and keep having small portions of nutritious foods at regular intervals. Yoga is a great form of exercise to lose weight and get a strong core with flexible body. So try including yoga in your daily fitness regime.

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    How do you supplement your diet with your workout?

    I consume small portions of meals after every three hours. It keeps me energetic throughout the day. I snack on nuts and soya milk and avoid high calorie diet. Image Source: Getty

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