Interesting facts about human brain

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 27, 2013

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Think you know everything about your own brain? Here are some important facts about human brain that may leave you amazed.
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    Human Brain

    Human brain is larger than the brain of other mammals, but it has the same general structure. Think you know everything about your own brain? Here are some important facts about human brain that may leave you amazed.

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    75% Water

    Just like the rest of the body, human brain is 75% water. That’s why your brain becomes fuzzy and slows down when you are dehydrated, even before you get the actual physical symptoms of thirst.

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    Full of Thoughts

    On average your brain has around 70,000 thoughts a day. Although many thoughts will be repetitive, the number of thoughts your brain processes daily is quite amazing.

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    Every time you have a thought your brain builds or changes a neural network inside your brain. Similar events trigger the same neural paths inside your brain that leaves you with similar feelings and experience.

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    No Tickling

    Ever tried to tickle yourself?  It is not usual. Your brain recognizes your touch so well that you can’t surprise or tickle yourself with your own touch.

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    Your brain can not feel any pain. It is the nerves and the muscles that feel the pain. So don’t blame your brain when you get that headache.

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    Miles Long

    Your brain has lot of blood vessels. If measured in length, the blood vessels can be about 100,000 miles long.

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    Auto connect

    Ever yawned right after watching someone yawn? It is because your brain has some mirror neurons. These mirror neurons helps you in connecting with others. In other words, the mirror neurons enable your ability to socialize.

  • 9

    Stress kills

    Stress can kill your brain cells. Stress can overload your brain with hormones that are intended only for only short-term, which in turn can damage and kill your brain cells.

  • 10

    Chemical Love

    Oxytocin, a brain chemical makes you fall love.  It is released in your brain in large doses when you fall in love or during and after giving birth to help a mother bond with her child. Its effect can last for several months.

  • 11

    You Use it All

    Ever heard the misconception that we only use 10% of our brain? Since every part of the brain has a known function. You have been using whole of your brain, not just 10%.

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