7 things to keep in mind when taking antibiotics

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 22, 2015

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Antibiotics are a common remedy to treat serious ailments. However, before you pop the pill, there are certain facts associated with it that you must know. Here are some of them.
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    Facts that will surprise you

    Before you start popping antibiotic pills, there are certain intriguing facts about them that you must be aware of. The use of antibiotics witnessed a dramatic surge ever since its discovery and with so many prescriptions written every day, there seems nothing worth worrying about their consumption. However, overlooking the fact antibiotics are powerful medications will be foolish. There are some essential facts that you must know before you pop an antibiotic.

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    Antibiotics don’t cure everything

    For many people, it is necessary to understand that antibiotics do not cure every illness. They come in handy only when there is a bacterial infection in the body and their use in viral infections is not recommended.

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    Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    When consumed too often, antibiotics can increase the chances of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria in the body. These bacteria can create worrisome conditions as they are difficult to treat and can pose a threat to the body.

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    Destroy good bacteria

    Antibiotics cannot select, which means they kill both good and bad bacteria. Although antibiotics are consumed with a motive of destroying bad bacteria, the destruction of good bacteria in the intestines can be dangerous for one’s health.

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    Weakened immunity

    Surprisingly, overconsumption of antibiotics can make you more vulnerable to catching infections because it weakens immunity. Not only do antibiotics interfere with the functioning of your immune system, but they also damage good bacteria in the intestines, creating a vicious cycle. The more antibiotics you consume, the weaker your immune system gets and the more you need them.

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    Cause of illness is not wiped out

    Although taking antibiotics will cure bacterial infection, the root cause of the illness will not be wiped out. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins is one of the main reasons why people fall sick, and in such situations, antibiotics are of no help.

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    Allergic reactions

    Antibiotics are commonly prescribed and thus, appear to be extremely safe, but they are very likely to cause allergic reactions in the body. A person can be allergic to any antibiotic, and the allergic reactions can vary from mild to severe.

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    Can prevent serious bacterial infections

    Although they can pose a threat to normal functioning of the immune system, antibiotics can be highly beneficial in preventing complications from serious ailments triggered by bacterial infections.

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