How Well do you Know your Breasts

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 18, 2012

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    Having them as part of you is not Enough

    It may seem butt obvious to think that you know everything about your breasts since you have grown old with them, but it isn’t really so. With October being officially the month of letting your breasts breathe free, why not get a little more closer to them?



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    No Two Breasts are the Same

    If you thought your breasts were abnormal because they were of two different sizes, here is something to help you sigh in relief. They are not meant to be equal! The left breast is usually larger than the right one. According to a study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, a fewer than 600 women complained about one of their breasts being bigger/smaller than the other.


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    Breast Size cannot be Increased

    Unless you get a boob job done in the case of which, they sure can be increased. They can, however, be made perkier with the help of exercises that make the pectoral muscles firmer.


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    Your Breasts are Full of Fat

    Well, that stands true as you get older. When you are younger, the mammary glands contain milk glands, fat and collagen, but when you grow older, they tend to be replaced by fat. Remember those older women jogging by the crib with saggy breasts?


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    Your Sleep Position could Misshape your Breasts

    Especially, in the face-down position. The ideal sleep position to keep the breasts from deforming is sleeping on your side. Also, make sure you don’t wear a tight or uncomfortable bra to bed.


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    Your Breasts can give you Orgasm

    But, that is only likely to happen if they are stimulated just right. This theory was held forward by Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot, sex educators and authors of I love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide according to whose findings, about one per cent of women reported to have achieved an orgasm when their breasts were manually stimulated.



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    Breastfeeding can Help you Lose Weight

    This might come as good news for lactating mothers. Women who breastfeed can actually lose weight if they continue lactation for upto six months.

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    Bras can Make Breasts Sag

    A French study has claimed that wearing bra is useless for women and may actually harm them. The study showed that women who did not wear bra benefitted a lot as they were able to develop more muscle tissue, which gave natural support.

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    Breast Implants can Make you Suicidal

    Breast implants are done to enhance a woman’s self-esteem and boost her confidence. Ironically, women who get breast implants are at least three times more likely to commit suicide.

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