How to Make Your First Night Memorable

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 20, 2014

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How to Make Your First Night Memorable
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    How to Make Your First Night Memorable

    Popular culture in the form of music and movies keep talking about making a memorable night, what does that even mean! All shenanigans aside, is it only about making some very extraordinary love that will remain in your memory until the dying hour? Or is there something more to make it memorable? To think of it, making love is fine, but there needs to be this spark between the two of you that will make it memorable. Yes, we know we are playing an old record for you here, but if you are really in love, then sparks need to fly all around you, in fact to make this night memorable there needs to be imaginary fireworks bursting all over your night sky. How do you do that? We will tell you.

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    Plan the Spot

    The very first thing to do is to plan the right spot for your night. It is a different case if you have an adventurous impromptu night out of the blue. But if you are planning one then plan it well. Everything gets ruined if you trudge the busy streets with your lover looking for a vacant place. Plan it!

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    Have it Indoors

    Forget the dinner table and all that, and bring your romance on the floor. Now we are guessing that you are thinking of the usual dinner and restaurant and all that. But you can make it better by bringing the romance on the floor. Throw a bunch of cozy cushions, pillows, blankets and you are ready to roll. Serve finger foods and you could feed each other all the while whispering sweet words in her ears.

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    The Great Outdoors

    Make it a movie night at your very own backyard! You can rent a screen and a projector and cuddle up in the backyard of your very own home. You could also make it your own drive in theater by sitting in your car and watching the film. The best part is, you do not have to go indoors after the movie finishes. Spend the night in the car.

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    Surprise Her

    Now this one is especially for the man. Women love to get surprised and there is every possibility that your woman will jump with joy if you surprise her. Now we are using the word surprise and not startle, so do not gift her wedding ring or a big and rare diamond unless she is your wife. Give her something meaningful and beautiful that would make her happy.

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    Bring in the Romance

    Now this is a dicey one, because it could vary from person to person. But whatever your idea on romance is, just work on it and make it happen. You could sing a song for you’re the special one or do something that you are good at. You could write her a poem and recite it, even if it is amateurish.

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    Take it Slow

    You have the whole night with you so take it slow. There is no need for you to rush and therefore you should take things one by one. Do not get to anything without the need, you can simply spend the entire night sipping wine and talking. Also, you can eat before the date starts so that you do not get so hungry as to jump on the food.

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    Sweet Talks

    You need to talk sweet, because it suits the set up. You cannot talk about your bad breathe or your bad bowel movements on your first night. Nor can you describe how filthy your college roommate was. If you want to see the hint of love in your partner’s eyes then you need to talk to her in a manner that will make her feel the romance. She will fall doubly in love with you!

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    Communicate without Words

    Have you seen those movies wherein the guy and girl stare at each other endlessly and get lost? They communicate with their eyes and more? If you can do this then you have had a very romantic date. Just words aren’t enough when you want to communicate with your partner, there is a lot more required. Remember sparks? This is the foundation for those invisible sparks!

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    Play a Game

    Sometimes all it requires for a memorable night is laughter and fun. The more you laugh and have fun, the more you will remember the night. So, you could simply play some games! Imagine you are drinking and playing a game, yes it could also be a drinking game! You have no idea how fun the whole thing could be.

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    Don’t Talk Issues

    First night with your partner should not be about any problems and issues, but it should be entirely be about the two of you and the love that you share. Have fun this night and keep in mind to make it stress free and fight free and moan free. Yes, do not moan and brood over matters that are gone!

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