How to Know What a Woman Wants

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 24, 2013

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A woman wants a lot of things, but there are a few that can help you keep her happy.
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    Why are Women so Difficult to Understand

    God knows all the different types of women that exist in the world or let’s put it through in simple terms: the number of women that a single woman is: crazy, funny, cranky, caring and a lot more. The problem is not that a woman is literally an assortment sorts, but the problem is that men cannot do without dating one. There have been several memes and country jokes on how much a man has to do to really know whether his woman wants. Women were once the distressed damsels that we have always read about in books, but they are not so anymore. A slight derailment by the poor man can make or break his peace of mind. We have, however, made this “difficult woman” easy to decode.

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    There is Nothing more Important than Trust

    Before you start dating, know that there is nothing more important for a woman than trust. You have got to prepare yourself to ensure that your relationship is stable to keep the woman happy. There has to be the assurance that you will be there when she needs you. It is very important for a woman to know that you are going to be faithful to her, be it emotionally or physically and with that being there, you will be dealing with fewer turbulences.

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    Stop Nagging Already!

    She trusts you, fine. But, she also expects you to trust her. Nagging her constantly about where she was and whom she was chit chatting with will create deeper rifts every time you pick at her activities. Also, remember that there is some truth in people saying that you can push someone to cheat on you in a relationship. So, always believe in yourself, your lady and the relationship in general.

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    Be Thoughtful and Kind

    Women love men who are kind and considerate. No matter how uncomfortable it will be for you, sitting with her and providing as much comfort as possible when she is crying will make her love you all the more. If you have not realised already, women are unconditional when it comes to nurturing the ones they love, so it is only fair to return that to her. Sometimes, a hand in deciding what to get for New Year’s can work wonders.

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    Make her Feel Equal

    Women want to feel that they are on the same grounds as their partner. Neither do they want to be over protected nor do they wish to be not cared for. Several surveys have shown that women expect to see a friend in their partner; they fantasise to be with a man who commiserates with their failures and celebrates their successes.

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    Make her Happy without being asked to

    Lending a helping hand without being asked for it is one of the easiest ways to keep a relationship on track. If you keep asking your woman if she wants you to  help her do something, she is bound to say no each time only to be frustrated deep inside. Even if she forgets that you always ask her for any help that she needs, she would actually remember that little favour that you did for her without being asked to.

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