How to get drenched in the rain without falling sick

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 14, 2015

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As soon as monsoon arrives, we long to get drenched in the downpour. But, most of us back-out fearing illnesses and infections. You won’t have to hold back your wishes now because we’re going to tell you how to get drenched in the rain without falling sick.
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    Here comes the rain again!

    How often do you have to suppress that child-like urge to get wet in the rain for the fear of getting sick? Very frequently, we suppose. Of course, rains are a sure shot way to catch cold and infections because the humid climate is a breeding ground for viruses, but trust us, with some preventive measures you can steer clear of them. Even if the rains catch you off guard or you deliberately get drenched in the vibrant downpour, here are tips to avoid falling sick. Happy rain dancing!

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    Load up on vitamin C

    A lot of experts believe that vitamin C stands as a method of cold prevention. If you take a healthy dose of it regularly, you might be able to ward off nasty cold and flu symptoms that might be waiting to pounce upon you after your fun-filled drench session.

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    Get rid of wet clothes and wash yourself

    As soon as you reach home soaked, take off your wet clothes so that the cold doesn’t seep into your lungs and give you cough. Discard all your clothes, including socks and undergarments. Then, soak your feet in hot water to get rid of all the germs that got collected from puddles and muddy paths. You could also scrub your feet with salt to wash away any infections you might be carrying. Once you’ve done cleaning your feet, take a hot shower, which is the best way to wash off lurking germs from your body. Make sure to use an antiseptic soap.

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    Dry your hair properly and moisturise your skin

    When your hair is wet, make sure you dry them properly because you might catch cold. To dry your hair quickly, use a blow dryer. Also, rain and hot showers make your skin dry, so apply a heavy moisturiser to hydrate your skin and prevent itching or infections.

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    Have hot beverages

    Almost all of us have to have a cup of masala chai or coffee on a rainy day regardless of whether we are drenched or not. Make sure to have one if you got doused in the rainwater. The heat from the tea and spices used will help you keep your body warm. Soups are another good option for a wholesome, warm, and cosy meal to feel warm after some fun in the rain.

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    Basil, honey and pepper

    For an improved immunity, which will help you fight flu-causing allergens, have 2 basil leaves with a spoonful of honey and 4 peppercorns every morning.

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    Drink water

    Water indirectly prevents and sometimes, treats all sorts of sickness. By hydrating the body, water helps it to deal with cold and flu viruses. It cleanses the body by washing away germs and bacteria through excretion. The “eight glasses a day” rule isn’t mandatory; you just must drink to your heart’s content.

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    Throw up

    Have you noticed how puking makes you feel better whenever you are hung-over? It affects cold and flu the same way. Force yourself to throw up if you feel heavy after getting drenched in the rain. This will force the phlegm and germs to exit your body, making you feel better and lighter instantly.

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