How to eat smartly at a buffet

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 31, 2015

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Everything is so tempting at buffets that you'd wish to have them all. But, you must instead of nibbling a bit of this and that in an attempt to taste it all, make healthy food choices. We here tell you the smart way to do that.
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    Don't go hungry

    If you ‘save up’ for a buffet meal, the damage to your body will be substantial. If the buffet is late in the evening, don’t skip breakfast or lunch. If you give these two important meals a miss, you will end up overcompensating by binge-eating.

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    Know what to put in your plate

    When you are at the buffet, pick your dish wisely. Starting with vegetables and fruits will leave little room for high-calorie foods. If you go the other way around, you will lose control in the beginning itself.

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    Taste portions

    You may taste all you want. But, ensure that you do not  take all in massive portions. Regular-sized portions will be ddamaging too. The best strategy to go for is mini-tasting portions.

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    Give a miss for your favourite one

    When you have found your favourie food from the many delicious delicacies, go back and take a slightly bigger portion and enjoy it to your heart's content. You could also leave a few other items to compensate. Keep your health at the back of your head.

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    Lean proteins

    Non-animal sources of protein such as beans, lentils, nuts and whole grains should be preferred over animal proteins. You should look for grilled fish or lean chicken.

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    Know the dangers

    There are a few foods you shouldn’t go near. If it’s a Chinese buffet, avoid rice or noodles prepared with sauces. Also keep deep fried foods away. By doing otherwise, you will do more harm than good to yourself.

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    Avoid empty calorie sodas

    Sugary drinks are a no-no! Keep away from empty calorie beverages, diet soda, beer, vine or coffee. Water is the best drink for the occasion.

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    Have fruit for dessert

    There are a plenty of dessert options on display and only a few are healthy. To satisfy your sweet tooth after the meal, a good option to try would be something made out of fresh fruits. Fruits are full of fibre and other nutrients, which aids the digestive process.

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