How to Build Self Confidence

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 15, 2014

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Perception plays a great deal when it comes to building Self Confidence.
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    Get Confident

    One of the most important qualities required for success is confidence. It is our confidence or the lack of it that can decide our future. A confident person can make the best out of every opportunity. Here are some of the ways to cultivate self confidence.Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Like Yourself

    Rejection is the biggest enemy to your confidence. It can completely destroy your self confidence. While rejection is inevitable however you can boost your confidence by liking yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and smile at yourself. Think of your positive qualities and like yourself the way you are. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Stop Comparing

    While comparison can be good for your growth, unfair and frequent comparison can kill yourself confidence. Stop comparing yourself to anyone. Follow your gut and give everything your best and sincere efforts. Feel confident and avoid comparisons. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    No One Is Perfect

    One of the easiest and effective ways to boost self-confidence is to remember the fact that no one is perfect. One can beat you in their domain however that doesn't make you any less. You can perform better than anyone as long as you put your sincere efforts. Image Courtesy : getty Images

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    Our weaknesses often take a toll on our confidence. We feel ashamed and insecure because of our weaknesses. Some may even feel unworthy of opportunities they get just because they fear their own weaknesses. Recognize and work on your weaknesses to boost your self confidence. It's natural and absolutely fine to have weaknesses. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Front Row

    People often tend to sit in any row but the front one. It gradually kills their self confidence and at time they become escapists. To regain your lost self confidence start sitting in the front row at every place including offices, schools, conferences and debates. Be willing you participate as much as you can. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    People are easily influenced by your appearance. You can use your appearance to look confident and hence enhance the self-confidence gradually. Wear nice and neat clothes and carry them well. You will soon find yourself interacting with people with complete confidence. Image Courtesy : Getty Images. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Think Positive

    Never let the negative thoughts defeat the fighter in you. Although it's wiser to plan for the worst, you must always hope for the best and keep trying with complete confidence. Think and speak positive about yourself and your future. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Walk Fast

    Your walk tells a lot about your state of mind. People who have surrendered to the challenges in life walk slow and often look uninterested. While on the other hand confident people walk fast and look energized. Walking faster will let your brain and body simulate the feeling of self-confidence.

    Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Never Be Shy of Speaking

    People are often afraid of being judged and rejected. Even the thought of being laughed at for saying something stupid keeps them from participating in debates and group discussions. Always make an effort to speak even when you are afraid of being wrong. It will help you gain more confidence and soon you will be a confident participant. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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