How to be a Modern Day Prince Charming

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 04, 2015

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Becoming a man of someone’s dreams can be tough, especially when men have a reputation for being heart-breakers. But, that should not stop you from becoming the prince charming that every girl wants.
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    Earn her Trust

    Men usually have a bit of a reputation among women. Infamous for breaking hearts, even men with genuine feelings have to face a tough time wooing a female. Fortunately, there are few ways you can truly transform yourself into prince charming.

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    Have a Set of Mature Friends

    One of the most important factors a girl considers before dating a guy is the kind of friends he hangs around with. If you hang out with a set of "just graduated" boys with no goals in life, she will think you are one of them.

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    Be Passionate

    You must be sure about your talents and you must excel in them. Your passion for things in life should be visible to her.

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    Understand Others

    Instead of judging someone based on their experiences in life, try to walk a mile in their shoes. An educated woman will find such a trait  accomplishing.

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    Be Confident

    Confidence is key to woo a girl. But you should be careful because there is a very thin line between being confident and being arrogant.

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    Have a Soft Side

    Having a soft side to your personality does not apply only to women. A man can be soft-hearted too. Express your feelings if you get emotionally hurt.

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    Keep your Manners in Place

    Using inappropriate language, especially when around a female can give you negative points. On the other hand, helping people with opening doors, offering seat to someone who needs it more than you, etc. can land you in her good books.

  • 8

    Be Well-groomed

    Men who take care of how they look are rare. So, if you are one of those rare species, a woman will definitely find you attractive.

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