How Couples can Re-Connect Sexually

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 02, 2014

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If you are planning to give up on your sweet relationship, then stop now. Re-connect sexually with your partner with these tips.
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    How Couples can Re-Connect Sexually

    Relationships become dull, people do not. The relationship that you once created with much care can easily falter if your sexual life goes for a toss. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot rekindle or reconnect with your partner sexually. Here are some ways in which you can attempt to re-connect with your partner sexually; all you need is a little effort.

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    Take out Time

    The first very important thing that a couple in a relationship should do is to take out time for each other, and without this you cannot go any further. You need to find time and dine together, have a cup of tea together, try sleeping together at the same time instead of burning the midnight oil. As a couple you have to take out time for each other.

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    Need to Talk

    The biggest mistake that couples do is to ignore the problems and give up. After taking time out for each other you must also be able to communicate with each other. Instead of sugarcoating everything you must make it a point to tell the truth. Be careful never to be untruthful and always talk things out.

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    Woo Each Other

    There is a constant need to woo each other and without this any relationship would go dry. The moment you start taking things for granted you will lose it all. Be on your toes most times and look out for each other, surprise each other and always be chasing your partner and pursue love.

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    Text each Other

    Send texts to each other at the most weird time of the day. When you are apart and are busy send a message. Make that message a naughty one and tell your partner how you would like to make love. Tell your partner what you would like to do to him or her. You would be surprised to see that it would excite your partner.

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    Go on Dates

    Just because you are now a couple does not mean that you stop dating and having fun. Go on a nice romantic dinner after a movie, and you will find that the two of you are falling love yet again. This is a good way to keep the fire lit, never extinguish the fire!

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    Flirt with Each other

    It is absolutely wrong that once you are in a relationship you forget it to keep it spicy. Why will you not flirt with your partner? That is the most natural thing to do, to flirt with the person who apparently makes your heart beat a thousand times is simply beautiful. You need to bring it on and flirt with your partner; this will help to keep him or her interested.

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    Play Games

    One of the best ways to keep things exciting and reconnecting is to role play. Try role playing with your partner and you will find that you are doing great! You could do nurse-patient, professor-student, landlord-tenant, anything! This way you can bring in the excitement into your sexual life.

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    Be Touchy

    You have to make your partner feel the touch of your hands. For this you need to be touchy most times, do not underestimate the power of your touch. Just the touch of your hands can make a lot of difference to your relationship.

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    Anticipation is the Key

    People in the modern day do not know the art of waiting and hence they do not know the satisfaction of finally getting what they have been waiting for. You kind of take it for granted that since your partner is a wiling sex partner you can always make it happen. But by waiting for some time you will find out that your heart is beating much like it did the first time!

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    Try to be Spontaneous

    Let the sexual pressure build and then act spontaneously. There is nothing better than being spontaneous, after a long time of attraction and sexual tension when you look at your partner you should want to have him or her. That is it. Then act spontaneously, make love at the oddest hour, at the oddest place.

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