Switch to Homemade Mosquito Repellants this Monsoon

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 31, 2014

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The monsoon season can wreck havoc in your life if you don’t take proper precautions against them. Switch to homemade mosquito repellents this season to stay protected.
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    Say No To Chemicals

    From beauty to that of food, all the industries have become slaves of chemical substances in order to be more effective and generate more profits. At the consumer end, the case becomes all the more ugly. The urge for better results makes consumers choose chemical-based products over natural remedies. And, when it comes to choosing a thing as small as a mosquito repellant, we still believe that chemicals are our last resort. But, did you know most mosquito repellents contain a chemical called DEET which is dangerous enough for the governing bodies to put a restriction on its use in commercial products? So, here we give you few natural remedies that are as effective as their chemical counterparts and leave no side-effects.

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    Nepetalactone which is an oil extracted from the herbal catnip is believed to be 10 times more effective than DEET based mosquito repellents.

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    Neem Oil

    Neem oil mixed with one or two percent coconut oil can be an effective remedy against mosquitoes that spread malaria.

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    Concentrated garlic oil when rubbed on the skin can keep away the mosquitoes.

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    Eucalyptus Oil

    You can mix eucalyptus oils along with other oils like cinnamon, castor, or rosemary and rub it on the pulse point to save yourself from mosquito bites.

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    Rub the flower directly on the skin or put some oil on the pulse point to keep mosquitoes away.

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    Organic Soybean Oil

    Besides working as a mosquito repellent, this oil is an excellent moisturizer and goes very easy on the pocket.

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    Camphor is an effective remedy against mosquitoes as its effect stays for a long duration. Burn camphor for 15-20 minutes in the room and shut all doors and windows after that.

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