Home Remedies for Gallbladder Problems

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 02, 2014

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Excessive sugar intake, fatty foods, recurring constipation and intestinal problems can lead to all these bladder problems. Follow the given home remedies to treat gall bladder problems naturally.
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    Gall Bladder Problems

    Gall bladder problems include gangrene, abscesses, gallstones, gallbladder polyps, congenital defects, gallbladder tumors. Excessive sugar intake, fatty foods, recurring constipation and intestinal problems can lead to all these bladder problems. Follow the given home remedies to treat gall bladder problems naturally. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Milk Thistle

    Milk thistle has been used to cure gall stones since ages. The seed of the milk thistle contains silymarin, a flavinoid that is believed to cure gallstones. Silymarin helps the gall bladder in bile production which prevents formation of gall stones by breaking down the components in the gallbladder. It is also believed to aid the liver function which is directly related gallbladder function.

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    Studies have shown that drinking a couple of cups of coffee in a day can help you prevent the gallstones. According to a recent study, men who drank two to three cups of coffee in a day had reduced the risk of developing gall bladder by 40 percent. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    High Fiber Cereal

    People who like to hop on sugary, high fat diet would have high chances of getting gallbladder problems. However, including some high fiber foods in your diet and avoiding the sugary foods can help you keep your gall bladder healthy. Eating cereal in the morning is also good for your tummy whereas skipping breakfast can make you more prone to getting gallbladder problems. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Red Bell Pepper

    Diet rich in vitamin C can help you avoid gallstones. One red bell pepper contain 95 mg vitamin C thereby people who had more vitamin C were less likely to get the painful stones. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Another home remedy to cure gall bladder problems is wine. Scientists have discovered that drinking half a glass of wine can cut down the number of gall stone attacks by 40 percent. But going overboard should be avoided. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Turmeric has an ingredient called cur cumin is believed to have antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is also believed that it helps in improving the solubility of bile. Consumption of half teaspoon of turmeric daily can dissolve as many as 80 percent of gallstones. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Lecithin is another remedy that helps to dissolve the gallstones. The recommended dosage to be taken is two to three tablespoons daily. Although liquid lecithin tastes horrible but it can be easily consumed in the form of granules. These granules can be stirred into juice or milk and can also be eaten as a topping on cold food. Image Courtesy : blog.sure-slim.co

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    One of the most important home remedies for treating gallbladder involves beets. Take two medium sizes beets and grind them to prepare a juice. Now mix the strained juice with 100 milimeters of carrot and cucumber juices. Drink this mixture once before breakfast and another time before the dinner. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Another home remedy that effectively rectifies the gall stones is pear juice. Eat a whole pear or drink pear juice daily to get relief from your gall bladder problems. Image Courtesy:Getty Images

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    Chicory has a substance that promotes bile secretion and works as a potent ingredient for natural gall bladder treatment. Mix seeds, roots and flowers of chicory plant with about sixty millimeters of water to get relief from the gall bladder problems. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Dandelion can also be used to treat gall bladder problems. Drink 125 millimeters of dandelions juice mixed watercress two times in a day for that matter. It is always recommended to cut down starch and sugar intake to regularize the faulty gall bladder while you are being treated with this juice combination. Image Courtesy : Getty Imges

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