Home remedies for excessive salivation

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 18, 2015

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It may be embarrassing to speak to people if you deal with excessive salivation. But, you can resort to certain home remedies to fight this problem.
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    Coffee beans

    Coffee beans are known to absorb saliva and keep your mouth dry. Grind them and put them under your tongue.

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    There are several health benefits of lemons, including helping with excessive salivation. You can regulate saliva production and reduce excess saliva formation by sucking on lemon wedges.

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    Ginger tea

    The herbal tea has a drying effect on the mouth when consumed. Alternatively, you can also suck pieces of dried ginger for relief.

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    Icing and brushing

    Icing is one of the ways to improve tone and swallow reflex. Brushing is useful in improving oral motor control and swallowing process.

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    Cut back on sugar

    When you are having issues with excess saliva, limit sugar or avoid foods with sugar.  Resist the temptation of sugar-sweetened beverages, candies and desserts, such as ice cream.

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