Hidden dangers of lipsticks and other cosmetics

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 18, 2015

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The lipsticks and cosmetics segment is a multi-billion dollar industry. While manufacturing of these cosmetics has improved significantly, there are some toxic compounds that are still used even today.
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    Lead acetate

    Lead is an exceedingly toxic metal that is associated with organ and neurological toxicity. It holds a big role in causing cancer and is unsafe for children. FDA has some requirements, with regards to lead in certain products, but does not have straight regulations on lead that is found in lipsticks.

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    Mercury compound

    FDA has regulated the use of mercury compound as a preservative in products like eye makeup or eye shadow and some skin whitening creams. Mercury is considered as high in toxicity and can be absorbed through skin which in turn can cause brain damage.

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    This compound is quiet often established in anti-bacterial products like toothpaste, soap and lotions. Use of Triclosan is considered as one of the causes that lead in increased rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria. Although it is safe on humans, but new research by FDA supports potential harmful effects of triclosan.

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    This is quiet often to be found in many cosmetic products in low levels, but 1,4-dioxane induces cancer in rats and is exposed to high levels can lead to organ damage as well.

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    This component is commonly found in many products like nail polish, soap and hairspray. FDA suggests, that phthalate exposure from cosmetics is safe and some believe that the exposure may cause health risks and can be a potential harm to the unborn child as well.

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