Herbs that dissolve uric acid crystals

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 20, 2015

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Uric acid crystals can form within the body from unusually high levels of uric acid in the blood. As a therapeutic support under your doctor's care, there are herbs available that may help to dissolve uric acid crystals.
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    Uric acid crystal formation

    Purines rich acidic diets are commonly found in organ meats, aged cheese, shellfish, mushrooms and wine. They are known to promote formation and precipitation of uric acid crystals. These uric acid crystals are accumulated in the kidney to form stones.  There deposition within the joints cause painful, arthritic-like condition called gout. Uric acid crystals are sharp and cause pain and inflammation in surrounding tissues. Some herbs are effective at dissolving and removing uric acid crystals from the body.

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    Fresh lemon juice

    Drink fresh lemon juice to prevent gout attacks and reduce the inflammatory reaction by stimulating formation of calcium carbonate within the body.  Calcium carbonate is know to neutralize acids within the blood, including excess uric acid which leads to gout attacks in joints such as the big toe. Fresh lemon is packed with vitamin C, which plays an important role in strengthening connective tissues around joints and minimizes damage done by sharp uric acid crystals. Image Source: Getty



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    Burdock Root

    Burdock root is a popular traditional herbal remedy used for treating arthritis types, including acute gout attacks. It has the abilities to clean the bloodstream off toxins, reduce inflammation and promote excretion of urine, which contains uric acid.

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    Devil's Claw

    Devil's claw is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy used to cure symptoms of various types of arthritis, including gout. Devil's claw dissolves and reduces levels of uric acid within the bloodstream.

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    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Alfalfa is not only packed with vitamins and minerals but it also effective in reducing serum uric acid levels. In addition, alfalfa has a powerful alkalizing effect on the body, raising pH levels and dissolving uric acid crystals.

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