Herbs for Headache

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 21, 2014

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Headaches are stingy and a damper on our everyday activities. Take some of these herbs to soothe your headache.
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    Curing Headaches with Herbs

    Some of us have this special gift for getting terrible headaches in the middle of the day and not just for one reason, but many (a lot of which are unknown and stay so). It is the inability of a person to work effectively when he/she is stuggling with headache and the better of scientists that got them to experiment with several herbs for the treatment of his every day problem.Some of them are discussed here.

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    This herb is amazing for digestive headaches that are caused by overindulgence in or an excessive consumption of animal fat. It is also one of the better herbs for treating headaches caused by hormonal changes like menopause. It has also been said to work for tension headaches.

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    Peony can be used for the treatment of neck spasms, sensory overstimulation and general tension in the body. Turns out, it works wonderfully for women who have PMS headaches. Because the herb is cool, if you tend to feel cold and find that your headache has been aggravated by cold, pick a warmer herb to treat your headache. You could also combine this herb with a warmer one to still reap its benefits.


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    Lavender is a great herb for a lot of every day health problems. It is overall an amazing herb for curing headache and works well for general tension and neck tweaks as well. It may help in the treatment of PMS headaches as well.


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    This herb is good in treating headaches that are caused by problems in the kidney. Also effective in treating general adrenal insufficiency headaches, this herb may actually work for all types of headaches in some people.

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    To treat headaches that are caused by cold or external influences like viruses, you could consume ginger as it is or take its juice. It also helps to soothe headache that is caused by circulatory congestion as well as cold and sinus infections. Regular consumption of it keeps the blood vessels dilated, thus helping in the prevention of migraine.

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    For headaches that are caused by trapped heat in the body, you could take help from dandelion. It is helpful in specifically treating liver or digestive headaches.All the potential signs of an overburdened liver can be treated with dandelion.

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    This herb works best in treating migraine and cluster headaches, though they will also work in other types of headaches as well. It has been said that this herb has a vasoconstricot effect on the brain and a dilating effect on the vein.To know whether it is the tea that works for you or the tincture, try both.

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    The Root and Flower of Mullein

    Mullein flower and its root are amazing for treating all kinds of headaches that are induced by neck or back problems. In fact, this herb can be used in the treatment of any kind of pain. The temperature of the herb is all right so you could either cool or warm it up with other herbs for the best results.

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    Oregon Grape Root

    This herb is amazing for treating headache induced by sinus infections and if you have sinus problems you know how terrible the headaches are. It is also an amazing herb for soothing congested liver headaches.

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