Healthy and Smart Food Choices at Restaurants

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 25, 2014

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We always worry about restaurant foods as most of them are full of hidden fat and calories. Quit thinking that the only healthy options at a restaurant are salads and breads. Take a look at these other healthy choices.
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    Eat Healthy Even When You're Dining Out

    Do you think that finding a healthy, well-balanced meal in most restaurants is a big challenge? What if we tell you it is not! Like foods that are too indulgent, there are smart choices that ensure that your health doesn’t take a back seat when you dine out. Here are the foods that will make you and your body feel better. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Spicy Tuna Roll

    Don’t worry about the calories that consuming mayonnaise adds to a spicy tuna roll but tuna contains omega-3s, tryptophan (which helps regulate moods), and selenium (which protects cells from free-radical damage). Moreover, it keeps your cholesterol within healthy range. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Chicken Tikka Masala

    Leaving the cream aside, chicken tikka masala has herbs and spices with health benefits ranging from stomach-soothing ginger to cholesterol-lowering coriander. If you're watching your weight, ask restaurant staff not to pour sauce. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Tandoori Fish or Chicken

    Chicken or fish cooked in a tandoor oven is seasoned with spice. Combine it with curried lentils or ask for curry made with yoghurt, not cream. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Chicken and Cashews

    If you are thinking of ordering something fried and syrupy, you can consider chicken and cashews. The protein in the chicken fills you up and the cashews will ensure that you are not eating excess oil or sugar. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Oatmeal with Fresh Fruits, Walnuts and Condensed Milk

    Oatmeal is packed with fibre; fruits give you all the essential vitamins and antioxidants; walnuts supply you with daily omega-3 fatty acids and a little condensed milk gives you a dose of calcium. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Roast Beef Sandwich

    An average-sized roast beef sandwich will give you around 400 calories. Just like other sandwiches, it is made with lettuce, tomato and onion. Instead of beef patty, a sandwich with roast beef patty takes away enough excessive fat. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Macaroni and Cheese

    It doesn’t sound the leanest of the meal choices, but a small bowl of macaroni and cheese won’t cross 300 calories. You can pick 50-calorie green beans as a side serving and it will keep you full for at least three hours. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Buddha’s Delight (curd and veggies)

    It is a combination of bean curd, which is rich in calcium and fibre and vegetables such as peas, ginger, carrots, and mushrooms that have an array of vitamin and minerals packed. Buddha’s delight not only satiates you, but soothes stomach, improves memory and gives a boost to your nervous system. Image courtesy: Getty

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    Keep in Mind when Dining Out

    Healthy eating-out options aren't that clear cut and more when nothing of the foods mentioned earlier feature in the food menu. Just remember – steamed vegetables are good, so are veggies but fried chicken isn’t. Don’t worry about walking into the restaurant, you have many healthy eating out options than you think. Image courtesy: Getty

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