Health Hazards of Driving

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 10, 2014

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Besides the risk of accidents, driving may also pose risk of several health hazards. Take proper measures to avoid these risk factors and have a safe and happy journey.
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    Dangerous Road

    Driving may seem harmless on its own but looking at figures such as the number of accidents happening on road every year, it seems like alarmingly dangerous. There is, however, more to worry about if you are the one sitting on the driver's seat. Here are some health hazards of driving. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Road Rage

    The biggest health hazard is the threat to life. Road rage is so common now that it is one of the leading causes of deaths on road. You should be wise to avoid road rage and drive carefully. Follow all the rules all the time, especially the speed limits. Image Courtesy: Getty. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Sleep Loss

    If you are in a driving profession or drive a lot every day, you probably often try to catch some sleep in your parked car. However, a car was never meant to be a bed. You may end up feling frustrated for not being able to sleep. So make sure you get proper sleep every day and avoid sleeping in the car. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Pollution is on the rise. Most of the largest cities around the world are alarmingly high on the pollution index. Spending more time in the driving seat exposes you to a lot of toxic gases that may cause pulmonary and other health problems. Avoid driving with the windows open. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    If you don't own a luxury sedan, the driver's seat of your car will be the least comfortable. Sitting on that uncomfortable seat for long may cause fatigue. Avoid driving for long distances in one go. Take ample breaks whenever you start feeling tired. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Back Pain

    Sitting on the driver's seat while driving through a poorly maintained road can be bad news for your back. The jerky ride may cause lower back pain. If your seat allows you to adjust the seating position, make sure you set it right to provide the best support to your back. Drive slowly through rough roads. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Spending hours on the roads may leave you stressed both physically and mentally. Your legs and back may fell the stress after spending a lot of time on the driving seat. Keep yourself calm and comfortable while you are driving. Avoid any negative emotions or physical exhaustion. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    The pollution on the road as well as the dust and other foreign agents in your car may trigger allergies. Keep your car clean from the inside and avoid contact with pollutants. With proper care you can minimize the health hazards of driving and follow the thumb rule: drive safe. Image Courtesy: Getty

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