Beware! Is your Skin Paying the Price for your Looks?

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 08, 2014

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Cosmetics are meant to make you look beautiful. But, did you know when you were spending a fortune on those costly cosmetics you were buying a menace for your skin.
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    The cosmetic industry is booming all across the globe and the only reason behind its prosperity is the increasing desire of the entire female fraternity to have those flawless looks. Different cosmetics products have made it very convenient for women to have those perfect looks. However, ignoring the harsh effects of the chemicals present in the cosmetics is making your skin pay the price. Here we give you 10 cosmetics which can damage your skin beyond repair and are highly toxic.

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    To have those perfectly pink lips, lip colours are used by many women. But, the cosmetic dries up all the moisture from your lips leaving them dry and dehydrated. You must apply a lip balm before applying lip colour and completely avoid lipsticks and lip-glosses which contain harmful oils.

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    It is always advised to apply moisturizers and suntan creams in summer and moisturizing lotions in winters to fight dry skin but these moisturizers can damage your skin beyond measures. Many creams and lotions contain mineral oils and paraffin which damage the skin and make it lose the moisture at a rapid rate.

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    Kajal which is used for beautification of the eyes can affect your skin adversely. The usage of kajal can lead to development of chemical, toxic, ineffective conjunctivitis, uvetis, glaucoma, dry eye, and conjunctivitis discoloration.

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    Nail Paints

    If you put dark colours like red and black and have them on for days, your nails will be damaged and will turn yellow. Furthermore, the acetone content in the nail paints can weaken your nails.

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    Talcum Powder

    The refreshing talcum powders which you use to smell good have a toxic substance called silicates. The hazardous chemical may cause infection and allergies in the lungs.

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    Bleach Creams

    Bleaching creams which are used to lighten the skin tone and to hide unwanted facial hair can cause significant damage to the skin like redness, rashes, burning sensation, etc.

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    To remove the unwanted hair from the body many women use wax. However, the process may cause redness of the skin, ingrown hair, rashes, and even minor bleeding.

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    Hair Colours

    Many hair colours and dyes instead of giving you lustrous and smooth hair, can leave you bald, with an itchy scalp, swelling on the face, and breathing problems. One of the most hazardous chemicals found in hair dyes P-Phenylenediamine can cause diseases like cancer, neurotoxicity, irritation of the skin, etc.

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    Many studies have proven how harmful deodorants and antiperspirants are for your skin. The usage may cause redness and irritation on the skin eventually leading to pigmentation.

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    There are fragrance chemicals present in your fabric softeners, cosmetics, perfumes, air fresheners, and many other home care products can be harmful for your health as well as for the environment.

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