Foods That Behave Like Addictive Drugs In Your Body

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 30, 2014

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The foods which you love to eat are actually harming your body, how do we know it? Well, to start with, you should know that you are addicted to these foods.
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    Food Addiction

    There are different kinds of things that we are addicted to, some are addicted to drugs, some to alcohol, some to music, some to books, and yet some to food! Keeping all the different vices aside, let us talk of something nice; food addiction. Addiction to food could come close to be the sin of being a gluton, a gluton would definitely fight with weight issues, and have multiple problems related to his or her body. The fact is that we do not gorge on foods that are healthy, we are usually very attached to foods that are harmful to our bodies. These foods act behave like addictive drugs in our body and make us crave for them. Understand what you should avoid in order to stay healthy and fit.
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    Casein is the protein present in your dairy products and this gets digested into smaller peptides, and there are smaller family of active agents which are known as casomorphins. In the present times, we eat more cheese than what we used to previously, and consuming dairy means you will desire for more dairy, so your demand for it will rise expotentially. Cheese is one of the heardest to give up! In fact you would be startled to know that desire for cheese can be cut down by medicines which are used for drug overdoses. Alarmed?
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    Well too bad that your meat desire is also a part of this list, but that is the reality. Blood in meat contains albumin, haemoglobin and gamma globulin, and these chemicals can help to activate your opioid receptors! No wonder you want more of the chicken legs and bacon. It was found in a study that when meat eaters get treated with a drug that is typically used to block your cravings, the consumption for ham fell by 25 percent, salami love dropped by 25 percent, and tuna dreams fell by 50 percent.
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    Have you wondered what makes your bread so delicious to your taste buds? Your tasty loaf of bread contains gliadin protein and this has opiate activity. This is also referred to as glidorphin. This is what we can call a "feel good chemical trap" that makes you go for it again and again. Pretty nasty addiction, given the fact that wheat can cause havoc to yoru body and increase your weight.
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    Rice is much popular in Asia, and ask any person from Eastern India and he or she will tell you that without rice a meal cannot be fulfilled, the curry doesn't even taste all that good without rice. In reality, gliadin protein is the one that is playing the fool here too, you are once again trapped inside the cunning hands of the "feel good chemical". Try brown rice instead.
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    Sugar and Fat

    The two of them get along famously, just like carrots and peas. Everywhere you see, everyone will tell you how sugar and fat get along together, you are always asked to cut down on it! A study in rats who showed a liking towards Oreo cookies as they had high sugar and fat content, which is pretty similar to providing rats with cocaine and morphine. So, it is that addictive.
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    Salty Snacks

    Studies have shown that if you overeat salty snacks, you tend make your kidney dump the excess sodium through your urine. If by chance your kidney happens to fail, then this excess salt would gets stored in your cell leading to potassium deficiency, water retention, high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. Yes, they are tasty, but they are not healthy.
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    What Should be Done?

    The first and foremost thing to do of course is to avoid getting tempted, and you could do this by not buying or having meat, cheese, salty snacks and sugar around you. Instead surround yourself with foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, fruits and whole grains. Always eat your breakfast, and eat them healthy, and avoid junk foods. You will soon find that you have gone past your addiction of eating unhealthy foods.
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