Follow these Rules and Make your Sexting Experience an Exciting One

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 25, 2014

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Sexting can be a tricky task to perform and if done in a wrong manner it can turn your pleasurable experience into an embarrassing one.
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    Learn the Art

    The act of exchanging sexually explicit messages or photographs on mobile phone is a brilliant way of adding some zing to your relationship. Sexting is a real good way to take your relationship a step further. However, it can only be possible when you do it the right way.
    Following are few tips which will help you learn the art of combining sex with texting.

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    Don’t Rush into Things

    You must understand that sexting is a kind of foreplay which is done via mobile phone. So, you must follow the same rule of taking things slow. Avoid skipping steps and save the best part for the last.

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    Don’t Start Sexting before you have Sex

    The pleasure which you and your partner will extract out of real intercourse is far better than what you will get it doing virtually. The golden rule of texting is not to do it before you actually have had sex.

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    Do Share your Fantasies

    If you have been hesitant in sharing your fantasies with your partner in person, then sexting gives you an opportunity to open up yourself. You can tell your partner about things you have.

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    Don’t Sext the Wrong Person

    Don’t ever think of having alcohol and then sexting. There are chances that you may end up sending explicit content to your family, friends or sometimes to your boss. Don’t turn your pleasurable sexting experience into a nightmare.

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    Do Delete

    Keeping semi-clad pictures or explicit messages in your cell phone may land you in trouble. Delete the chats or pictures so that your weird fantasies remain a secret.

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    Don’t Write Long Texts

    Keep the writer inside you tamed while you sext your partner. Long messages can be a big turn off. Remember during sexting even one word messages can also work wonders for both of you.

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    Do Hide your Face

    Always have control over your emotions while you are in a relationship and especially while you are sexting. When you click explicit pictures of you for your partner always remember to hide your face. Relationships are fragile and you don’t want to see your private pictures on the internet once you have broken up with your partner on a bad note.

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    Don’t Sext More than One Person at a Time

    You surely don’t want to land yourself into trouble by sending wrong messages to the wrong person. But, when you chat with more than one person at a time your chances of making this blunder multiply. Refrain yourself from sexting with more than one person at a time.

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    Do Sext while you are away for the Night

    If you are away for a business trip or just simply hanging out with friends sexting your partner will help you keep the spark alive. It will make your partner feel special and they will know that you are still thinking of them even when you are away.

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    Don’t Sext Someone you have Never Been With

    You must avoid sexting with someone who haven’t been intimate with in real life. You must share a romantic relationship with the person in order to have a healthy sexting session.

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