5 Easy ways to prevent faint spells this Karwa Chauth

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 21, 2016

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October started with joy and festivity of navratri, fasting, garba and so much more. First navratri fasting and now Karva chauth fasting is round the corner, how you think you will manage to stay on your feet by the end of the month? Most women face the problem of faint spells during Karva Chauth, so we bring you tips and tricks to prevent faint spells during Karva Chauth.
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    Try out pranayam

    Pranayama allows you to control your breathing pattern. By practicing paranayama, you can increase the level of oxygen and prevent faint spells. How to practice pranayama? You need to sit in a comfortable position on floor with your legs crossed, like all other yoga poses require you to. Take deep breaths, so that oxygen reaches deep within you and creates a balance between your mind, body and soul. A few minutes of pranayam can refresh you during your Karva Chauth.

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    A good dose of amla

    A great source of Vitamin C, amla juice a day before can help you feel full of energy during the entire day of Karva Chauth. You can just have a glass of amla juice along while having the sargi in the morning or as we told earlier, have a glass a day prior and amla juice will keep you energized and will give you resilience against weakness. Along with amla, add some leaves of coriander in it and turn it even healthier.

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    Dry coriander powder

    When in the morning you are having your sargi. Just have a spoonful of coriander powder with a glass of water. This will help you prevent any dizziness and fainting during the day. It advisable to have coriander in the morning and since sargi is something that you have in the morning; it becomes a great option to prevent faint spells.

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    Curd or yogurt

    You are aware of the fact that sargi is an important meal of the day. You won’t be having anything the whole day after you have sargi. So, this time add a little yogurt or curd in your sargi. You can even include shrikhand, which is a dessert made of yogurt, honey and other ingredients. Yogurt will give you energy and will prevent faint spells.

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    Few almonds

    Soak handful of almonds overnight and have them while you are having sargi. You can have the almonds with milk; it will double up the nutrition. It will help you prevent dizziness the entire day.

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