Ease your summer cold with simple ways

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 04, 2016

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Summer colds are very annoying as they ruin almost all the plans. Well, we have the perfect ideas to ease down your summer cold. Have a look!
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    Keep washing your hands

    Summer cold majorly happens due to lack of hygiene and therefore washing hands during summer keeps the germs and summer cold at bay. Immunity gets weakened during summer cold and washing hands is the only way to keep away the germs. It is not a cure for summer cold but it surely can help you get rid of summer cold to an extent.

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    Keep yourself hydrated

    One of the easiest summer cold treatments is staying hydrated. Keep on drinking a lot of fluids, don’t parch yourself. While you might not feel like drinking anything in summer cold, you will have to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your body fluids.

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    Take proper rest

    During summer cold, do remember to take proper rest. Do not exert yourself much. Your body is weakened and is not able to take that much of strain. So, try and don’t exert yourself, neither physically nor mentally.

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    Keep the room temperature in check

    Try to stay in a normal temperature; do not sit in excessive cold temperature of air conditioning. Also, make sure that your body doesn’t go through extreme temperature difference, like going from a room with hot temperature to a room with a very cold temperature. This will help you get rid of summer cold.

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    Let sun heal you

    Well, soaking in the sun would seem foolish in summers but it is the best cure for summer cold. Sun can actually cure your summer cold. When you feel that sun is not that hot, go outside and sit for a good 10 to 20 minutes. Sun and fresh air will help you to get better.

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