Early Symptoms of STDs

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 06, 2014

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Ever feared of having an STD? To make it worse the symptoms can be hidden or less common. Here are some early symptoms of some STDs.
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    Ever feared of having an STD? To make it worse the symptoms can be hidden or less common. Here are some early symptoms of some STDs.

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    Gonorrhea is a commonly reported infectious disease which is often confused with other health problems. Since, it has mild initial symptoms which seem similar to bladder infection. The early symptoms of the STD include abdominal pain, burning during urination, yellowish or bloody vaginal discharge and heavier menstrual flow.

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    Another common STD knows as herpes can show symptoms as soon as a couple of weeks. The symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches, pain during urination, blisters, or open sores near reproductive organs.

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    Chlamydia is one of the most frequently reported and fastest growing STD however it still gets undiagnosed in many cases. While most of the cases show no symptoms, some may experience symptoms like burning during urination, spotting between periods and vaginal discharge.

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    HIV/AIDS has been the dreaded STD with a large number of cases reported. However, even such a life threatening disease has confusing early symptoms which include flu-like symptoms, rashes, fungal infections in the throat, and tiredness.

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    Syphilis is another STD that can even damage the brain, cardiovascular system and many organs in the body. The early symptoms include rashes, tiredness, headaches and swollen lymph glands.

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    Candidiasis, another name of yeast infection, may not be a life threatening problem however it can be very infectious. Its early symptoms include genital itching, painful urination and discharge.

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    HPV Infection

    HPV or human papillomavirus also has less identifiable symptoms. It causes genital warts which often grow internally. The external symptoms also include painless warts near genital area.

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    Trichomoniasis is another common STD caused by the single-celled parasite Trichomonas vaginalis.. The early symptoms include intense itching of the genital areas, burning during urination and a foamy, foul-smelling discharge.

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    See Your Doctor

    If you suspect you have these symptoms related to any of these STDs, immediately see your doctor for testing. Timely diagnosis and treatment are important to reduce or delay harm from these diseases.

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