Does Adult Film Hurt a Relationship

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 03, 2014

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Explicit adult films can be very exciting to watch, but they can definitely cause trouble to your relationship in many ways.
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    The Adult Film Situation

    Adult films have come to be known widely considered an evil vice, while it is also a necessity for others. These films have somehow entered our collective consciousness more aggressively than it was ever before, and we have to thank the internet for this. When you bring adult films into a relationship there are going to be certain problems that you will have to face. An occasional fling with sexually explicit films could be fine, but bringing it into a relationship can deeply hurt.

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    Increased Expectations

    When you are a habitual user of adult films in a relationship then you tend to have an increased expectation from your partner. All that you see definitely stimulates you and you would like that to happen during your session of love making as well. But that is not fair for your partner, not at all.

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    Never Satisfying

    Adult films will make it difficult for you to be satisfied with your personal sexual life. All that screaming, animal instinct, the vulnerability that women in such movies show, the beast like aggressiveness that the men show, it could be really distressing for a couple.

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    Distorted Image

    Now there is a lot that you see in an adult film which isn’t really going to happen in your real life. You start having a distorted image of your partner when you feed on such movies all the time. Adult cinema at times can go beyond the natural and open up as something completely outside of the usual realm. A man may start to see his partner as a commodity and as someone who is ready for it anytime!

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    Not Personal

    For a woman the act of sex is the ultimate emotional connection with her partner or lover. She is at her vulnerable best when she is in the arms of her man, and her love during this time knows no end. But, when she discovers that the man is using such explicit films then she will get the idea that for him it is just about feeling good and having a naked body under him.

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    Negative Impact on Women

    If a woman watches adult films her partner would probably love the idea. But if it is a man who is the user then for his partner it could be a little offensive. This is simply because watching such films could be quite the same thing as checking out other women on the streets or even cheating. It is that for that span of time a man lusts for another female whom he is watching on screen.

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    As good as Cheating

    You always have adult films at your disposal and therefore it is like a mistress. You have these films as your mistress to whom you can turn when you are bored with your sexual life. Even better, this mistress would do anything and everything for you.

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    Forever Depended

    There is a high possibility that those watching adult films are beginning to get more depended on them than in real sex life. You really do not want this situation to arise, because it will only crash the relationship that you have built. Being depended on these films more than your real life partner is not good for your relationship.

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    Question mark on Monogamy

    One of the most obvious things that an adult film will do for you are to bring about doubt when it comes to your idealistic monogamy relationship. You would think that maybe it is ok to hook up with a hot thing, someone who will fulfill all your explicit desires. There you are then in two minds and disaster is on its way.

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    Kills your Confidence

    You will realise that you feel gross and disgusted after you are done with whatever you were looking for to find when watching an adult film. You feel disgusted with yourself and you think twice about your habit. Most importantly you will feel ashamed to face your partner.

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