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Dino Morea: Fitness is not just a six-pack fixation

By:Janhavi Samant, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 05, 2015
Dino Morea may not be a regular face in films, but he surely is a fitness icon to many. He is one celebrity whom you will often read about in newspapers for his football matches. Following his fitness routine religiously, Dino has been a winner of Gladrags Manhunt India in 1995. He introduced the concept of free public gym for common people. Here's what he does to stay fit.
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    What's your fitness mantra?

    Proper diet and an equally effective routine is the way to achieve a desired body.

    What's your fitness mantra?
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    What kind of fitness routine do you usually follow?

    The major part of my workout is sports like basketball and football. I play at least twice a week. The rest of the days are for strength training and balancing exercises. In the gym, I work on chest and triceps one day, next day I train the legs, followed by shoulders and biceps the next day and then come the forearms, abs, and calves.

    What kind of fitness routine do you usually follow?
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    What does fitness mean to you and why is it important?

    Fitness to me is a way of life, and not just a six-pack fixation. It gives a sense of discipline, because it's always a challenge to incorporate fitness in our busy schedules.

    What does fitness mean to you and why is it important?
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    A fitness tip for your fans

    Start your day with tea or warm water and think about your life in a positive way. Spend about 20 minutes to analyse yourself.

    A fitness tip for your fans
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    How do you supplement your diet?

    I start my day with a cup of tea or a glass of warm water with lemon juice. I avoid deep fried and oily stuff. I love desserts but I make sure they contain nutritious things like honey, dry fruits and nuts. To make up for the protein requirement, I take whey. Image Source: Getty

    How do you supplement your diet?
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