Decode the secrets of moles on your body

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 09, 2014

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Moles on your body hold interesting secrets about your life. They give you clues about your destiny which you must decipher.
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    Decoding the Signs

    Did you know the small black spot on your chin which added charm to your beauty surprisingly holds astrological significance too? Moles grow naturally on any part of the body and each one of them holds a secret. Let’s see what moles on your body have to say about you and your life.

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    Mole on Right Part of Forehead

    If you have a mole on the right part of your forehead it means you will be a wealthy person.

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    Mole on Left Part of Forehead

    But, if you are not lucky enough and have a mole on the left part of your forehead, you may have to face hardships all your life.

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    Mole in the Middle of the Forehead

    A mole in the middle of your forehead means that you will not only have wealth but you will also gain fame in life.

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    Mole on Chin

    A mole on the chin is a sign of danger. It means you will have problems with your spouse for the rest of your life.

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    Mole above Right Eye

    On the contrary, if you have a mole on above your right eye it means you and your spouse will stay in love with each other till your last breath.

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    Mole above Left Eye

    People with mole above the left eye means you will have to work hard towards achieving your goals in life.

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    Mole on the Cheek

    A mole in the right cheek means you will be a healthy person. However, a mole on the left cheek means you will face loss of wealth in life.

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    Mole on Lips

    If you have a mole on your lips, it means your sex drive is huge.

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    Mole on Ears

    Mole on the right ear means that your lifespan will be short and a mole on the left ear signifies that you must avoid accidents.

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    Mole on the Neck

    A mole on the neck means that you will be blessed with lot of luxury and wealth in life. Also, your lifespan will be really long if you have a mole on the neck.

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