Dangerous Home Remedies which you must Avoid

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 26, 2014

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Opting for home remedies to cure your troubles is a good idea but remember that everything has its own pros and cons. Some home made remedies can be effective while some may have serious side-effects.
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    Don't Create Hassles

    Some home remedies like applying cold water or cornstarch on bee sting can be useful and an effective way to cure your troubles instantly but what one thing which you shouldn’t forget is that treating everything yourself at home can at times worsen the situation for you. Here are some home remedies which you mustn’t practice at home in order to save yourself the distress.

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    Ear Candling

    Some people may experience wax occurring inside their ears which may cause itching and irritation. This is when they look up to ear candling home remedy and opt for this dangerous treatment to get rid of their ear wax. In this procedure, a candle-shaped beewax cone is placed inside the ear and its wick is lighted. The wick burns down removing the cone along with the wax inside the ear. However, the side-effects of this process are dangerous. You may actually end up losing your hearing abilities if the procedure goes wrong.

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    Applying Whiskey to a Teething Baby’s Gums

    A teething baby is highly irritable and the irritation he experiences may end them up crying for hours. In this scenario, the parents will want to soothe their baby’s pain and may look up to a solution given in some old wives’ tale. Rubbing alcohol on their gums will surely relieve the baby but this home-made technique should be avoided to every extent.

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    Applying Butter on Burns

    Butter application on the burns may seem to look like a wise idea in an emergency situation but this idea might end you up paying heavily as application of butter can cause infection on the wound.

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    Applying Toothpaste on Acne

    Apart from cleaning their teeth, some people also use toothpastes to clear their acnes too. However, this home remedy for acnes can make things worse for you by creating a burning sensation in the affected area.

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    Cutting Finger Wart

    Fingers warts are treated at home by some people by simply cutting them off with a sharp object. But this may lead to infection or you may also give yourself bruises in the process.

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    Removing Stuck Fish Bone with Fingers

    It is a common practice for many people to remove the stuck fish bone from their throat manually with fingers. But this may result in an aggravated condition as the thorn may slip down further in the process damaging the throat from inside.

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    Piercing Eye Stye with Needle

    Piercing the stye which occurs near the eye with a needle is a common home remedy. But by doing this you are putting your eyes in danger. While piercing the stye, the needle may get inside your eye leaving you injured grievously.

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    Inserting Hair Pins inside Ears

    In order to clear the dirt inside the ear, some people often insert hair pins. Also, some choose to wrap a cotton bud around a match stick and clean up the ear. But this technique may end you up losing your hearing abilities. There are chances that the matchstick breaks inside your ear gets stuck there. Going for this home remedy means inviting trouble for yourself surely.

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    Using Garlic to Lower Cholesterol Level

    Many people think that consuming garlic can lower their cholesterol level and blood pressure. However, over consumption of garlic can put you at a risk of increased bleeding with warfarin. This may also lead to an abnormal heart beat and heart attacks.

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    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is a multi-purpose home remedy but mainly it is used to intensify the glow on your face. However, the usage of this plant can lead to a drop in the potassium level in the blood. This in turn may cause heart problems and can worsen the situation of heart patients.

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