10 Creative Ways of Announcing Pregnancy

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 02, 2013

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Get some of the best interesting ways of informing your family and folks about your pregnancy and choose the one that suits you the best!
  • 1

    Dine Out and Pop a Surprise

    Plan a dinner outside and while placing the order surprise your partner by ordering an extra dish claiming that you have to eat for two. He will surely get it right away and be very happy

  • 2

    On a Vacation

    Scoot to a vacation spot of your choice and enjoy your time together. When you feel the time is right, break the news by saying that you wouldn't be available for any vacation for the next 9 months.

  • 3

    Gift Wrap the News

    Frame and gift-wrap your ultrasound report or the positive pregnancy test report and gift it to your partner. Enjoy the moment as he opens it.

  • 4

    Capture a Family Photo

    Take your video camera and ask everyone in the family to stand closer as in an attempt to capture a group photo and then start recording. Ask everyone to stay still and start the countdown " 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 " and shout, "I am pregnant". You will be able to cherish that moment forever.

  • 5

    Announce your Decision to Quit Smoking/Drinking

    If you smoke or drink, wait for your better half to return from office and announce that you have quit smoking/drinking as it is not good for the baby. He will right away confirm it with lot of excitement

  • 6

    Belly Hug

    Wait until you're cuddling in bed at night and ask your partner to rest his head on your belly and ask them if they hear anything.


  • 7

    Make a Family call

    Ask your mother-in-law to call her son and announce that she is going to be a grandmother soon. You can in the meantime sit in front of him and record everything on camera.

  • 8

    Cook it up

    Ask you partner to help you in the kitchen. Bake a "I am Pregnant" cake or cookie and ask your partner to remove it from the oven when the timer rings. It would definitely be his sweetest cake ever.


  • 9

    Leave a Message on Answering Machine

    Leave a message on your home phone. When your better half is around, ask him to check the strange message on the answering machine. He will be delighted once the message is over.


  • 10

    Make it Large

    Call his favorite radio station and ask them to announce the good news. Switch to the radio channel when the announcement time arrives. Everyone in the family will be very happy to hear the news.


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