Compliments That Will Make Her Go Weak in Her Knees

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 11, 2014

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Complimenting a woman can prove to be a mission for a man, especially if not done right. Here are some compliments which can surely impress your woman without her thinking of you as a fool.
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    Be Careful When You Compliment

    Wooing your woman without pissing her off is a task every man would have faced at least once in his lifetime.  Women are demanding when it comes to being understood and recognized by their partner. They majorly long for these 3 things from their man: appreciation, support and acknowledgement. Try these 10 admiration techniques and see her go week in her knees.

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    There’s No One Like You

    Women can be the most jealous of all creatures God has ever created. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than being compared with another woman. So, keep that well in mind and tell her that she is irreplaceable and see the contentment on her face. If you tell her that she is the best you can ever have, you will surely see a twinkle in her eyes.

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    You Make Me Feel Alive

    A woman can let go of everything for the person she loves. But, the onus lies on your shoulders to make sure that you do not take her efforts for granted and acknowledge her dedication from time-to-time. This will make her feel that you understand her hard-work. You must tell her what changes she has brought into your life and how much you appreciate that.

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    Just Love The Way You Are

    This compliment will not only fill her day with lot of happiness and enthusiasm but she will definitely keep cherishing it for a much longer duration than you can think of. This will help her build confidence in herself and in the relationship.

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    Proud of You

    Your woman can be an office going smart and talented lady or she can be a perfect housemaker who takes care of your house while you are away making money. In either of the roles do not forget to tell her how perfectly she manages her job and how proud she makes you.

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    I Wish I Had Met You Earlier

    Make her feel wanted. You must acknowledge the happiness she has brought in to your life and how you wish that she had come to your life earlier. This will surely make her fall head-over-heels in love with you.

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    Compliment Her Looks

    The easiest technique that each man must have tried on his woman is complimenting her on her looks. However, make sure that you don’t make it sound like any other pick-up line men use to get a woman. She definitely wants to be complimented on the way she looks but be careful with your choice of words and the timing. Observe her and notice the changes and you will automatically know how to tell her that she looks beautiful.

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    I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without You

    Women are delicate and emotional; therefore, they always wish to feel wanted. If you can convincingly convey to her that she is all you want in life, it will mean a world to her. Tell her that there is no life that you can imagine without her in it. Things like these will mean more than the compliments over her physical beauty.

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    You Smell Good

    This will mean complimenting her sensuality without being offensive. If her fragrance is something you notice and can compliment on, it will make her feel more feminine and attractive. Make sure you tell her how the smell reminds you of her.

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    Compliment Her Smartness

    Gone are those days when the only motive of a woman’s life was to cook food for her husband and the farthest she could think of going to was the kitchen in her house. Now, women are highly qualified and can give their opinions on professional matters as well. They are smart, witty and have chosen a platform to make use of their talent instead of spending their lives in the kitchen. Therefore, it is your responsibility to boost her up and tell her how much you appreciate her smartness.

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    It Looks Good On You

    Add a little innovation to the clichéd ‘you look so beautiful’ compliment. Instead of complementing her overall look in general, pick one of her aspects, her neckpiece for instance, and tell her how trendy she is and how much the accessory suits her.

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