Gearing up for First Date? Here is a Checklist for You

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 07, 2014

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Having a checklist does not make you less of a man. While you are preparing for the first date, a checklist will avoid any sort of mistakes and turn things in your favour.
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    Leaving an Impression

    Your first impression may not be the last but it will be a lasting one for sure. Gone are those days when couples expected their first meetings to decide their future. They now like to take it slow and steady measuring all the pros and cons of entering into a relationship. So, as a wise man it is your responsibility to give the woman her space and at the same time not reduce your chances of wooing her. You have to make the woman feel comfortable while you are around and not bombard her with your future plans. Here are some ways which will help you turn your first date to an impressive one and leaving the woman wanting for more.

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    Do Background Check

    When you have a date fixed with a girl, give yourself enough time to do a background check on her. Try to find out her likes and dislikes so that you don’t end up turning her off in the first meeting. Check her social networking profiles so that you know exactly the kind of person she is.

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    Make Preparations in Advance

    Your background check will definitely give you leads to prepare for your date in advance. Sketch out the basic outline of your date based on the woman’s preferences. This will make you feel confident and your planning will leave the woman awe-struck.

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  • 4

    Groom Yourself

    If you thought going to salon and grooming yourself before the D-day is a feminine trait, you were wrong. Your looks do matter. Women like well kept and hygienic men. Don’t hesitate before getting a facial. Get a hair-cut, check your clothes and look as tidy as possible.

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    Don’t Forget to Take a Gift

    This gesture will show her how caring and thoughtful you can be. But to avoid blowing things out of proportion, opt for a small gift or just a bunch of colorful roses. This gesture will surely leave an impression on her.

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  • 6

    Give her Compliments

    No matter how much a woman appears to be confident and independent outside, inside she is dying to receive a compliment. Give her honest compliments to avoid taking things overboard.

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  • 7

    Be a Patient Listener

    Most women consider men to be bad listeners. Give her something she is not expecting. Even if she sounds utterly boring, pay heed to her each word.

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    Make Eye Contact

    You must achieve the right balance between staring at her and being low on confidence. If you constantly look at her, it may make you look desperate and obsessive and at the same time if you completely avoid making an eye contact it will make you appear to be a shy person. You must maintain a right balance between both to spread your charm.

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  • 9

    Make the Atmosphere Light

    Irrespective of how ready both of you are for the date, nervousness still prevails in the atmosphere. Therefore, the onus lies on your shoulders to spread some humour and make her mood light. This will make her feel comfortable and she will not take much time to break the ice.

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  • 10

    Pay the Bill

    Women now-a-days are independent and completely self-made. They no more need a man to pay up for their expenses so it becomes quite obvious for her to reach for the bill before you do. But as a gentleman you must make sure that the lady does not end paying for the date.

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  • 11

    Don’t Forget the Goodnight Kiss

    End your date with on a romantic note. Right under the sky filled with stars, hold her hand and kiss her. However, this is completely subject to the quality of your date. If your date has not gone well, this act may go against you.

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