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Celebrities who died of AIDS

By:Sharanya Manola, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 28, 2012
HIV is the virus that impairs the functioning of our immune system and our body’s ability to fight diseases and infection. Some celebrities too fell in the trap of HIV and dies of AIDS.
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    Freddie Mercury

    Diagnosed with HIV in April 1987, Queen’s lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury kept it a secret and died 24 hours after the announcement that he contracted bronchial pneumonia because of AIDS. He was the first rockstar to have died of AIDS. Freddie was 45.

    Freddie Mercury
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    Rock Hudson

    The king of Romantic comedies of the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood Actor, Rock Hudson was diagnosed with AIDS in June 1985. He died on October 2, 1985  at his Beverly Hills house.

    Rock Hudson
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    Anthony Perkins

    Anthony Perkins who started his career with the movie, The Actress (1953) was diagnosed with AIDS in 1989. He kept it under the wraps because he thought it would affect his career. He dies on Sept 12, 1992 from Pneumonia and other complications   of AIDS.

    Anthony Perkins
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    Tony Rihardson

    The British film director and producer, Tony Richardson was a bisexual, but never admitted it publically. However, he eventually revealed to that he was suffering from AIDS. He died on November 1, 199. He won to Academy Awards for the adventure comedy film, Tom Jones (1963), which was based on a novel by Henry Fielding.

    Tony Rihardson
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    Isaac Asimov

    Sci-fi author, Isaac Asimov who is still widely adored by his readers contracted HIV from a blood transfusion during heart bypass surgery. The reason stated for his death was kidney and heart failiure, but 0 years later, his wife disclosed that his death was due to HIV infection.

    Isaac Asimov
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    Howard Ashman

    Legendary Howard Ashman is still remembered for his contribution to Disney. AIDS marked an end to his journey as an influential dramatist and lyricist. He was 40 when he died.

    Howard Ashman
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