Calories in Popular Beverages

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 30, 2015

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While you are on a diet, everything you put inside your belly needs to be looked after. Everything you eat and everything you drink has calories. You can be wary of the calories in your beverages from now on with the help of this calorie listing.
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    Be Careful of what you Drink!

    While you are on a diet, it’s not just the calorie count of your food that matters. The calorie content of the drinks that you take also has a large role to play. Here is a list that will give you an idea of the number of calories present in various drinks. The exact figures can vary according to the brands though.

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    As small as 354 ml of soda can fill your body with approximately 124-189 calories.

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    Diet Soda

    You must have heard about the benefits of choosing diet soda over its regular counterpart. Well, this is because when you drink 354ml of diet soda, all you consume is 0-7 calories per serving.

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    Bottled Sweet

    354 ml of your favourite drink that can go along with all the junk food you eat can give you 129-143 calories.

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    Unsweetened Tea

    Yeah! As scary as it may seem, drinking unsweetened tea can give a horrible time to your taste buds. But the good thing is that it only gives you 4 calories for each 354 ml serving.

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    Unsweetened Orange Juice

    As less as 354ml of unsweetened orange juice can supply your body with 157-168 calories.

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    Unsweetened Apple Juice

    Apple juice does not do any good to you either. Only 354ml of unsweetened apple juice fills your body with 169-175 calories.

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    Tomato/vegetable Juice

    Vegetable or tomato juice will not only give your body a citrus rush, but it would also be less in calorie content. Around 354ml of these juices give around 80 calories to the body.

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    Cranberry Juice Cocktail

    Just like any other cocktail, this cocktail also does no good to the body. 354 ml of it can supply 205 calories in one go.

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    Black Coffee

    Black coffee is the right way to drink coffee because it supplies only 0-4 calories in every 354ml serving of a cup of coffee.

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    Regular Beer

    As low as 354ml of beer can do a lot of harm by infusing 104 calories, making your tummy bulge out sooner and faster.

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