Boredom-breaking treadmill workouts

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 24, 2014

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Working out on treadmill can soon become boring, but you don't want to lose interest in your exercise. This is when our high-intensity, arousing treadmill workouts will give you an unprecedented high and fitness levels that increase with every passing minute.
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    Supercharge Your Treadmill Time

    When you are bored of your treadmill, you can’t see the results you want. The most efficient, challenging, calorie-burning routine, treadmill can prove to be draggy after sometime. Here are 10 high-intensity treadmill workouts designed especially for you that will challenge your body, and your brain. These will boost your fitness levels with every minute passing by. Treadmill-boredom? What’s that?

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    The Get-back-on-the-track Workout

    Most people head to the treadmill first thing as they enter the gym. They are so habitual of doing it that oftentimes their mind is somewhere else and they don’t let the speed, incline and intensity of the workout to cast a major change in their metabolism. Here is an engaging routine that will gradually increase the overall strength of your trotting so that a rush of metabolic change hits your body.

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    The Side-winder Workout

    If you think treadmills should only be run, you’re wrong. You can walk them too and still attain a great workout. Speed may often fool you but you have to be careful. Here is a walk-only treadmill routine that will require immense amount of effort and sweat from you and will target your hips, increase your heart rate, and improve your balance. Surprised? Try it out.

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    The Speed-endurance Workout

    If you are looking for cardio conditioning, nothing can beat interval training for it. You should use your maximum heart rate as a barometer for your exercise intensity. You should estimate your beats per minute by subtracting your age from 220, then strap on a heart-rate monitor and try the abovementioned workout.

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    The Pressed-for-time Workout

    Treadmill guard rail are supposed to provide safety to you, but they can prove to be limiting for the exerciser too. When you hold them, it negates the need of core engagement and arm-leg coordination during intense routines. Instead, try working your upper body with 2- to 5-pound hand weights while walking (not running, which can be dangerous) at a consistent pace; you'll get cardio and resistance training all at once! This workout sorts it all for you.

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    The 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Workout

    This workout involves descending time and each routine is completely unique. This workout is for people who love variety and can’t decide between high-intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance work, gradual climbs or incline. In fact, you will be done even before you know it.

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    The Sprint/Interval Workout

    This workout includes short sprint intervals that will maximize your strength, and then you could catch your breath and recover during the longer rest periods. This workout melts fat, boosts your anaerobic power and capacity, and breaks up the monotony of your typical hamster-wheel workout.

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    The Never-a-flat moment Workout

    When you use an incline, it can help reduce impact on your joints, get your heart rate up without the need for speed and lift your backside. Though this workout will never provide you anything above that a 10-minute mile, you'll burn major calories and you'll definitely feel the burn.

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    The sprint-ladder Workout

    If you are an experienced runner, go for this one for a 6-minute-per-mile pace. Sweating? Don’t worry, it’s only for 30 seconds at a time. If these intervals feel too difficult for you to complete safely, do them at your fastest comfortable pace.

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    The Around-the-world Workout

    This is a track-and-field-based workout that betters your coordination and speed. The same pace has to be maintained throughout, but each set is made more and more challenging by a gradual incline.

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    The Gauntlet Workout

    It is a great idea to mix your regular treadmill workout with some full-body strength moves in between running sets. As you hop on and off the treadmill, your heart rate goes up and your body goes into a calorie-burning mode. Also, this workout exploits your arm and core muscles which are usually harder-to-work.

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