Blame your Frayed Looks on your Smoking Habits

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 19, 2014

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. You may have come across this numerous times and every time this statutory warning reminds you of the damage you are causing to your lungs and brain. But, to add to your concern, there are many other harmful effects that smoking has on your skin and overall personality.
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    Smoking affects Looks

    All addicted smokers are quite aware of the ill-effects of smoking on their lungs, brain, and sex life. But, the effects of this fatal habit are more gruesome than you thought. Apart from damaging your internal organs it also ruins your looks and appearance. It makes you look pale and unwell and damages your overall personality.

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    Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

    Smokers are very likely to not receive a good night’s sleep and the repercussions of this show on your face. The nicotine makes you feel restless at night and experience a poor quality of sleep. As a result, you have dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

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    Psoriasis is a skin condition which can occur even if you are not a smoker. However, for people who are addicted to cigarettes the risk of this disease increases to a very large extent.

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    Stained Teeth

    Nicotine in cigarettes makes your teeth turn yellow. Cigarettes stain your teeth and you gradually end up losing the shine and original shade of your teeth.

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    On an average, a smoker looks 1.4 years more elder than a person who does not smoke. Smoking disturbs the blood supply to the skin tissue which keeps the skin healthy. This results in wrinkles and pre-mature ageing.

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    Yellowness on Fingers

    Apart from staining your teeth, nicotine also turns your fingers and nails yellow.

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    Hair Thinning

    After your skin, teeth, and eyes cigarettes leave your hair damaged too. The chemicals present in cigarettes harm the DNA present in hair follicles. Due to continuous smoking, cell-damaging free radicals spread, leading to hair fall.

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    Nicotine narrows blood vessels which restricts the flow of oxygen rich blood to various parts of the body. This results in the wounds taking much more time to heal and the scars to appear redder.

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    Tooth Break

    Smoking leads to many dental problems like oral cancer and other gum diseases which can lead to tooth loss.

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    Loss of Glow

    Apart from wrinkles and puffy eyes, smoking also makes you look pale and gray. Discoloration of the skin takes place as the carbon monoxide present in cigarettes displaces the oxygen in the skin and nicotine reduces blood flow.

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    Stretch Marks

    The nicotine content in cigarettes is capable of damaging fibers and connective tissues in the skin which makes it lose its elasticity and strength.

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