Benefits of maca for better sex life and more

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 01, 2016

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Did you know maca, the king of all root vegetables, is good for your sex life? Yes, it has immense health benefits for sexual, mental and physical health. We are listing some of them for you here!
  • 1

    Makes your sex life better

    Researches have shown that consuming 3 grams of maca powder on a regular basis makes your sex life better. It is believed that it boosts libido levels and fertility in both men and women. Besides, it is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction and improving the quality of sperms.

  • 2

    Improves memory and concentration

    According to a research maca is helpful in improving memory and learning abilities in children. Consumption of maca powder makes you more alert, smarter and improves your concentration.

  • 3

    Reduces stress and anxiety

    Is stress taking a toll on your health? Try maca! According to a study maca is effective in lifting your mood and relieving stress. It also makes you physically active, thereby, helping you combat depression. Include maca in your diet to get rid of mood swings.

  • 4

    Relieves joint pain and inflammation

    Suffering from joint pain and inflammation? Eating maca can turn out to be a saviour for you as it can help relieve painful joint conditions. According to a research eating maca on regular basis reduces pain and stiffness in the joints with arthritis.

  • 5

    Corrects hormones in women

    Another study has shown that maca improves hormonal imbalance in women. Women who are above 40 must include 2 grams of maca in their diet to get relief of menopausal symptoms. Besides, it reduces night sweats and hot flashes and works wonders in treating ovarian cysts. Image Source: Getty

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