Benefits in Delaying Sex until Marriage

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 17, 2014

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Sex is the buzzword for modern men and women, and popular culture is contributing to it immensely. But if you can have patience and wait, then that will definitely pay.
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    Standing Out from the Crowd

    All religious reasons aside, sex before marriage can be a blessing in every sense. Most of us are under the perception that without sex we would be boring and pathetic beings. Sex seems to be a criterion for being socially acceptable, especially among your peers. Now we know that sex is being glorified over and over again, but to think of it there can be many advantages to waiting for sex until your marriage. Here we will shed some light on the advantages of having sex only after marriage.

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    Waiting for the Special One

    One of the most important reasons for you to wait until marriage for sex is that by doing this you will lose your virginity to someone special. Most times we end up making wrong choices by sleeping with all the wrong people. If you give it a serious thought, then to wait for that special person would be beautiful.

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    The Excitement Lives On

    There is a sense of excitement when you are keeping the good thing for the right time. By having sex early on you pretty much know all that is there to be known about it. So, if you keep the excitement building by not having sex until marriage then that would be really fun. All the excitement would be ready to explode on the first night with your life partner!

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    Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

    By not having sex you are preventing teenage pregnancy and that is a very good cause for you to refrain from sex. By avoiding teenage pregnancy you can forget about becoming a parent at an early age. Not to mention that teenage pregnancy also cause a lot of emotional turmoil, and it can devastate the lives of both a boy and a girl.

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    Prevent Commitment Complications

    Well this is a relief for you. By preventing sex before marriage you are also avoiding a lot of complications. If you are dating someone without actually involving in sex then you can bail anytime you want. There are no complications when it comes to the whole commitment thing, you will not be tied to a stale relationship just because you have had sex. So, life is simplified!

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    Deeper Bond with Spouse

    When you come to understand that you have actually saved yourself for each other, then you will know that this is what will give your marriage a whole new meaning. You will instantly have a stronger bond and deeper connection with your partner, and love will be the driving force of your married life. It would be so beautiful and so nice.

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    A Sex Filled Married Life

    Now because you have waited until your marriage, your marriage will be a sex filled roller coaster ride. All that you ever thought of or wanted to try can now be played out. Moreover, you do not have to think twice as this person is your very own, your spouse! After all, the famous adage goes, “patience pays”, and you will know that it really does!

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    You will have no Regrets

    By waiting for sex until marriage you are avoiding regrets, and this is very important as far as your emotional well being is concerned. Most times we have seen that people end up regretting the fact that they have had sex with people who did not deserve them, people who were just there for the sex bit. To avoid this thought there is only one solution, wait for the right person!

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    Good Example for Kids

    We aren’t just talking about your kids, but the next generation in general. The world is becoming so open about sex and people are increasingly coming to terms with their sexuality. This is leading to rampant acts of sex without any conclusive thinking. By waiting to have sex until marriage you are showing the right path to your children and the future generation.

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    You will be Free of Fake Love

    The idea about sex is to have this deep connection with each other, to make own one another through the physical act of love. But in the modern day and age love is just another ticket to the bed. Both men and women use this term to get what they want, and that is physical satisfaction. This sort of fake love is doing the rounds of every city and every town, and you will do yourself a favour by staying away from it. Remember, this does not stay for long.

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    Preventing STDs

    Lastly, by sleeping with random people you are increasingly putting yourself in the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are of little significance when you are young, because all that matters then is the desire to own and get owned by another person. Well, this can often lead to some pretty nasty diseases.

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