Beauty Bucket List For Every Woman

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 04, 2015

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If you don’t have your own beauty bucket list already, it time you add some important things to it now. Here is what every woman should do with her looks before it’s late.
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    Be Beautiful Yourself

    You may have countless list of things that you want to do in your life but still most of them end up being either forgotten due to busy schedules or the lack of will. But what if you can easily achieve some of those goals without actually putting too much effort, especially when it is about looking beautiful? Well, that’s what the bucket list is for. Here is what you must have on your beauty bucket list. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Go Colourful

    Colour your hair with that crazy red or blue or whatever colour you have wanted to try on your hair at least once. Who says it has to be permanent? Just try it once, for a day or two. Do it yourself with the help of a temporary dye and click a colourful selfie. Image Courtesy:

  • 3

    Get Waxed

    Waxing sounds painful, and maybe it is. But like they say, no pain no gain, so get yourself waxed. Experience the pain like it’s nothing less than fun. Moreover, you will love how your skin feels soft and supple. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 4

    Wear the Perfect Red

    It may not be easy to carry off the perfect red lipstick and maybe that’s why some women don’t even try it. If you haven’t done it already, wear the red lipstick once to any occassion. Don’t even think about looking scary or less attractive; people are going to love your confidence. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 5

    Find Your Scent

    You may have tried many fragrances already but have not yet found your signature scent. Every woman should have a signature fragrance that she can identify herself with. Make people remember you when they smell that fragrance on someone else. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 6

    Take the Challenge

    Do something that you have always feared to change about your looks. Cut your hair short, or paint your nails black, or try that dress you always had your eyes on. You will end up enjoying it or maybe even loving it. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 7

    Do it Yourself

    Learn to get yourself ready for the next party, the next office meeting or the next evening date. Learn everything from doing your hair to painting your nails. Just do it all by yourself and be ready to be impressed by your final self-made look. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 8

    Go Natural

    Even if you can’t walk into a party without at least a hint of makeup, try carrying an all-natural look for once. You can never look less beautiful when you decide to be just the way you are. Image Courtesy: Getty


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