Uses of Coconut Oil which you didn’t Know Existed

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 13, 2014

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Coconut oil contains many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it an essential component in your vanity box.
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    Leave all your Beauty Woes to Coconut Oil

    The oil extracted from the tropical fruit coconut has immune boosting properties which makes it the perfect oil to be used in a million ways. From cooking to moisturizing the skin, the multiple uses of coconut oil have made it find a place in every household. As a remedy to your beauty woes, coconut oil has also been used to nourish the scalp and strengthening the hair and besides this, coconut oil can be used in many other ways to enhance your beauty.

    Here are few of them.

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    Makeup Remover

    After the party taking of that finely applied water proof eye liner is always a task. So, this time in place of your normal makeup remover use coconut oil. Apply some coconut oil on your face directly with a cotton ball and let it stay on the skin for some time. This will melt the makeup.

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    Breath Freshener

    Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil is the best remedy to get rid of the foul smell coming from your mouth. It kills the germs in the mouth giving you fresh breath, cleaner teeth, and healthy gums. Gargle with a spoon full of coconut oil for 20 minutes to get rid of bad breath problems.

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    Lice Removal

    Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and after it has dried up apply coconut oil and let it remain for 12 to 24 hours. Comb your hair and then shampoo.

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    Body Moisturizer

    Coconut oil must become an essential part of your make up kit as it can form the perfect base for your body moisturizer.

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    Cuticle Oil

    Cracked cuticles are a problem faced by many women. Applying coconut balm at the base of the nails not only prevents them from breaking but, also it will help your manicure to last for a long time.

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    Makeup Brush Cleaner

    Cleaning the makeup brushes is a must as it saves you from many skin related infections. So, when you clean your brushes with antibacterial soap, use some coconut oil with it to remove all the germs.

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    Lip Balm

    If your lips are dry and chapped, coconut oil is the best remedy for you. Take a small jar and fill it with coconut oil. The best part about the oil will be that it can stay in semi-solid state at room temperature. Use it all day long or whenever you feel that your lips have dried.

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    Stretch Marks Removal Remedy

    Stretch marks usually occur to expecting mothers near their belly and back. So, to fade of the marks keep applying coconut oil every now-and-then on the affected area.

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    Under-Eye Cream

    On a cotton ball, put some coconut oil and dab it on the dark circles and the fine lines around the eyes.

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    Body Exfoliator

    Take half cup of coconut oil and add some salt or sugar to it to form an exfoliator. Scrub your body and let the oil stay. Even after the grains of sugar or salt have melted, the oil will still be on your body giving it sufficient moisture.

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