Awaken your Weakened Chakra for Good Health

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 28, 2014

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There are different chakras located in different areas of the body that start malfunctioning in different ways. There are various factors that trigger the dysfunction. However, by following these methods you can awaken the weakened chakra.
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    Block the Negativity

    Negative feelings, traumas and illnesses may not trigger damages immediately to a human body but, being constantly attacked by them can eventually lead to life-long dysfunction in many ways.  The pain and grief caused by these factors can obstruct the flow of positive energy in the body which intensifies the pain. However, for a healthy mind and body you can heal chakras that facilitate impeded healthy energy flow in the body once again. Use the following approaches to connect with the various chakras in your body and heal illness and emotional blockage.

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    Root Chakra

    The body sends out certain signals in the form of fatigue, disagreements with dear ones and disorientation due to lack of grounding when there is a lack of energy in this chakra. To restore the energy, imagine molten lava flowing beneath your feet or visualize the image of your feet and body growing tree roots that are extending deep into the earth. Strengthening this chakra helps you resolve issues with your family (roots), thus healing this chakra.

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    Sacral Chakra

    The warning signs of dysfunction of this chakra include improper sexual functioning, hormonal imbalance and lack of creativity. This chakra is linked with sexuality and creativity of a person and is connected with the womb. To heal this chakra, engage in a creative or sexual outlet but, only if the activity finds a link with your true self.

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    Solar Plexus Chakra

    A weakened digestive system, weakness in core muscles, low immunity and low self esteem indicate a dysfunction in the third chakra. The energies generated from the solar plexus chakra give rise to a relationship with self and concepts of individual identity. It is very common to have blockages in this chakra which can be eliminated by re-calculating the choices one has made and the directions of life. When you take some time and space to nourish and to accept, you meet your real self.

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    Heart Chakra

    High or low blood pressure, cardiac problems, anger, numbness and fear of love are signs of dysfunction in the heart chakra, which is the center of emotions. To make this chakra stronger, a person needs to have willingness to experience life’s emotional spectrum, which are love and loss, pain and joy. To awaken this chakra, you must visualize a light in the center of the chest and allow it to expand slowly. This will help you soothe the hurt and awaken the chakra.

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    Throat Chakra

    If you suffer from frustration, fear or the inability to express your feelings, you have a weakened throat chakra. You can sing, dance, write, and speak to express your feelings. You can toughen this chakra with genuine and open expression of truth. Have faith on your ideologies and support other people. But most importantly, start speaking up for yourself.

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    Brow Chakra

    When you experience headaches, have lack of insight, feel lost or have a lack of psychic intuitiveness your brow chakra is losing its strength. This chakra is usually known by its other name ``third eye’’. Visualize a third eye in the middle of the forehead which looks around with deep observation and insight. Tap a point in the middle of the brow to awaken the chakra. When you think a lot, the brow chakra gets congested thus, you must take the pressure off and exercise patience.

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    Crown Chakra

    When you experience headaches, brain fog, disconnection, lack of trust, hope or faith, you have a weak crown chakra. It is the chakra that represents a link to the divine in all its forms, and the reality that all is energy and there is no form. Visualize a ball of glowing white energy which is travelling down and enveloping the top of the head; this will open and heal the crown chakra. Imagine this energy as a protective shield around the body.

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