Amazing ways you can enjoy your ice-cream this summer

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 15, 2016

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Summers are the best excuse to have the treat of scrumptious and refreshing ice-cream. Let us teach you the coolest ways to enjoy your ice-creams this summer.
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    Savory ice-cream recipes

    Summers are the best excuse to have the treat of scrumptious and refreshing ice-cream. This sweetened frozen food is the best option to cool down yourself in summer. Ice-creams are one thing that you cannot get enough of and especially in summer, when staying cool and refreshed is the only thing you look forward to. There is no end to varieties when it comes to ice-creams with flavours like strawberry, mango, and vanilla, chocolate and so on. With such versatility in its taste, ice-cream tastes better with everything, such as fizzy drinks, dry fruits, fruits and what not. There are many other ways of enjoying your ice-cream. Let us teach you the coolest ways to enjoy your ice-creams this summer. Here are some of the most appetizing ice-cream recipes. Take a look!


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    Ice-cream sandwiches


    ~ 2 scoops of ice-cream (any flavor)

    ~ 10 pieces of biscuits

    Take any of your favorite ice-cream and spread it over one side of the biscuit and cover with another biscuit. Your ice-cream sandwiches are ready. You can play around by using chocolate flavored biscuits with vanilla flavored ice-cream or vice-versa. If you wish to experiment further, you can take fruit and nut cookies and spread them with tutti frutti ice-cream; to have fruit flavored ice-cream sandwiches. There is one more quirky experiment that can be done with your ice-cream sandwiches. Take oreo cookies, spread vanilla ice-cream, and sprinkle them with a little chili powder, cover with another oreo cookie.

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    Strawberry ice-cream cake


    ~ 5 scoops of vanilla ice-cream
    ~ 25 Strawberries
    ~ 2 cups of Heavy cream

    Take ice-cream and whip it until it’s frothy but make sure it does not lose its texture. Now, add the strawberry and beat it with a beater. Beat it for ten minutes, until the strawberries are crushed and mixed well in the ice-cream. Take a spring form pan and put it in freezer for about 2 hours. Meanwhile, whip the cream with some icing sugar, and top your ice-cream cake with it. Your Strawberry ice-cream cake is ready to serve. Serve cold!


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    Ice-cream Soda float


    ~ 1 liter of lemon soda
    ~ 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream

    Throw in 1 scoop of ice-cream in a glass and pour in the lemon soda and your soda float is ready. You can play around by going for different flavours of fizzy drinks with vanilla ice-cream.


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    Orange marmalade cakes


    ~ 1 cup of orange marmalade
    ~ 5 to 10 scoops of vanilla ice-cream
    ~ 5 fruit cupcakes

    Whisk vanilla ice-cream along with marmalade and keep in freezer. After an hour top the cupcakes with ice-cream and serve cold.


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