Amazing ways to become virgin again

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 27, 2016

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As odd as it may sound, women can surely become virgin again. Yes, with a few tips and tricks you can become a virgin again. Basically, the most common issue that today women face a loose vagina. Apart from surgical processes, there are many easy and simple ways to become virgin.
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    The reasons behind a loose vagina

    There are many reasons behind a loose vagina other than having sex. Yes, just having sex isn’t the only reason for a loose vagina. From having a baby to hormonal misbalance can make the pelvic floor muscles to lose tightness. Pelvic floor muscle is the muscle that surrounds vagina and vagina walls and becomes loose with sexual intercourse and after childbirth.

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    Try to have an orgasm

    This will be a very fun exercise for vagina tightening. The idea is to contract your pelvic muscles and having an orgasm is basically about contradicting your pelvic floor muscle. The more you orgasm, the more you tone up the pelvic floor muscle.

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    Try some Kegel Exercises

    A few of Kegel exercises can surely give you some really nice toned up pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercise is very good for both men and women as it helps them solve pelvic floor issues and can also control urinary coarseness. You can very easily do these exercises in the comforts of your home.

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    Try out the Ben-wa Balls

    You can definitely try the Ben-wa balls, also called as Geisha Balls. Insert the Ben-wa balls, really deep and then try to hold them in as longer as possible. The Ben-wa balls are heavy and once inserted; you will have to exert your muscles down there to keep them down there.

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    Try out the amazing vagina tightening stick

    A vagina tightening stick, also called as the magic stick is the one of the most effective and pleasurable ways to tighten the vagina. You can use this stick to tighten vagina along with having some real time orgasm. The most intimate way to have a tight vagina is a magic stick.

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    Try a healthy diet

    Apart from exercises, your body needs nutrition. Have a diet of fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies, enriched in carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fat and other lean proteins and etc.

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