Amazing Health Benefits of Dill Weed

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 15, 2014

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Dill or soa nirana has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes since yesteryears. The medicinal properties of the herb come from compounds such as Monoterpenes, flavonoids, minerals and certain amino acids.
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    Dill Weed

    Dill (scientific name - Anethum Graveolens) or soa nirana (as known in Hindi)has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. The medicinal properties of the herb come from compounds such as Monoterpenes, flavonoids, minerals and certain amino acids. It can either be used as an ingredient in many meals or as a topping. (Image source:Getty)

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    Aid Digestion

    Owing to the presence of essential oils in dill, it helps aid digestion. These oils stimulate, and activate the secretion of bile and digestive juices. As they stimulate peristaltic motion of the intestine, the passage of bowel movements is eased. Moreover, you can add dill to your food to get rid of constipation. (Image source:Getty)

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    Respiratory Disorders

    Dill weed is anticongestive and antihistaminic in nature, thanks to kaempferol, flavonoids and monoterpenes in the essential oils of dill. The herb can help you clear congestion in the respiratory system due to histamine, allergies or coughs. (Image source:Getty)

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    Mouth Freshener and Oral Care

    If you need a herbal mouth freshener, turn to dill seeds or leaves. Besides helping you get rid of the bad breath, essential oils in dill weed are germicidal, antioxidant and disinfectant in nature. They keep microbial infections at bay and minimize the damage caused to gums and teeth by free radicals. (Image source:Getty)

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    Immune System

    Over the years, studies have linked dill to antimicrobial activity. It has been shown to prevent a number of microbial infections throughout the body. (Image source:Getty)

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    There is not much scientific evidence to suggest that the herb helps diabetics. However, it has long been associated with diabetes management (known to help reduce the fluctuations of serum lipids and insulin levels in corticosteroid-induced diabetes). (Image source:Getty)

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    Bone Health

    The calcium in dill protects one from bone loss, the loss of bone mineral density and osteoporosis. Besides calcium, dill weed has other essential minerals to ensure proper growth and development of bones along with their repair. (Image source:Getty)

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    Excess Gas

    Dill can help prevent excessive gas. It is not just an embarrassing condition to experience in public, but a dangerous condition if gas continues to build up. The buildup of gas may press on the delicate organs of the chest cavity or push gas downward through the digestive tract. (Image source:Getty)

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    Treats Insomnia

    The flavonoids and vitamin-B complex in the essential oils of dill are known to stimulate, and activate the secretion of certain enzymes and hormones. These have calming and hypnotic effects, to help one get a good night’s sleep. (Image source:Getty)

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    The herb can be effective against arthritis, owing to the anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the inflammation and the associated pain of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and arthritis. (Image source:Getty)

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    Hiccups occur as a result of gas trapped and repeated upward movement of gases through the food pipe. When you consume dill, you can expel gases and also reduces gas formation. Moreover, dill is a sedative that helps calm down hiccups due to allergies, hyperactivity or nervous disorders. (Image source:Getty)

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