HIV/AIDS Awareness Ad Campaigns

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 01, 2012

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As the world celebrates AIDS day on December 1st, let’s look back at how the world, especially India has helped people altered their mind from thinking that AIDS is as easy to contract as a cold to it being something that does not spread through casual contact.
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    Fight the Fear with the Facts

    This 1980s ad campaign was launched to remind people of exactly what HIV is. This campaign was an attempt to banish people from living by the assumption that HIV can spread even from handshake.

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    Condom Hamesha Ad

    Although, this ad did not put a spotlight on AIDS, it promoted the use of condoms and importance of safe sex. Unsafe sex is the number 1 cause of the spread of the HI virus followed by infected needles.

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    Jo Bola wahi Sikandar

    This mass media ad campaign was launched by the BBC World Trust in 2007 and encouraged the people in India to talk about condoms. The ad was fronted by an animated green parrot and the tagline “jo bola wahi sikandar” running across the screen.

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    Condom Bindaas Bol

    This ad campaign was launched in India in 2006 to decrease the embarrassment linked to the use and purchase of condoms and to expand the condom market in the Northern part of India. The ad campaign was fronted by several humouruos tv advertisements that encouraged the use of the word condom openly in public. The program implemented the behaviour change communication campaign under its aegis.

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    Condom Acapella

    This ad campaign was launched by the BBC World Service Trust to stop the spread of HIV and encouraged people to download the condom acapella ringtone. The aim of this ad campaign was to make the use of condom socially acceptable. The word is repeated 50 times in the ringtone.

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