9 Weird Things That Are Contagious

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 26, 2015

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Keep that sanitizer back in your bag for not all contagious things involve germs. Here is a list of some of the weirdest things that can be contagious.
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    Did you know that?

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'contagious'? Did you think of infection or germs or bacteria? Well, you may find it odd but most of the contagious things lurking around don’t even involve germs and one can bet that no hand sanitizer in the world can help you keep these at bay. Here is the list of things you never thought could be contagious. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    According to a recent study published in the journal Social Neuroscience, even seeing a stressed person could raise your stress levels. Another study published in the journal Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience revealed that people tend to become vigilant when they are exposed to a person who is stressed out. Even if you work with a stressed co-worker, try not to absorb his or her stress. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    An Annoying itch

    How many times do you think it has already happened to you? When you notice someone scratching their head, you begin to feel an itch on your scalp as well that you can’t resist but scratch. According to psychotherapists, people often have the tendency to mimic other's behaviour subconsciously. Such behaviours may include itching and smiling. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Your Friends' Eating Habits

    Studies have shown that dining with people who overeat will make you eat more, potentially leading to bigger weight issues. In order to avoid getting obese due to your friends' eating habits, you must be firm about sticking to a healthier diet. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Do you feel like yawning when you see someone yawning? Well, it won’t be surprising, yawning is highly contagious and is linked to variables such as empathy, tiredness and energy levels. Studies show that yawns become contagious at the age of four, which is a sign that they are a symbol of social bonding.  Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Have you ever wondered why you tend to feel happy when you see someone is happy? Studies show that single positive post on social networking site can encourage an average of 1.75 additional positive responses on that post. When you see someone smile, you tend to smile in return effortlessly. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Now this one might come as surprise to you. Did you know watching someone who is breathless can make you feel the same? Well, unfortunately, that’s true because researchers suggest that there is an involuntary emphatic response towards the experience which causes your breath to quicken. Image courtesy: Lungdisease.com

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    Studies show that you can catch someone else’s mood, whether it is good or bad.  It has been observed that even subconsciously mimicking other's facial expression can actually change your own mood like if you imitate a frown, you could actually get angrier. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    When your friend is disgusted at someone’s foul smelling socks or body odour, you tend to experience the same feeling.  This happens due to the pheromones, chemical signals which are released by human beings. These signals communicate feelings such as disgust. Image Courtesy: ultravation.com

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    If you are walking with a person who is scared of a barking dog, it can make you feel scared too. Fear is something that does not need an evident reason to spread. According to studies people become alert when they smell the sweat of a frightened person, hinting that they have caught the other person’s fear. It is also believed that this response helps people survive and cope by communicating the threat to others. Image Courtesy: Getty

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