8 Things you should Never Microwave

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 28, 2015

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Microwaving left-overs is an everyday thing in urban kitchens. However, one must keep a check on what’s being put inside the microwave because not all foods or containers do good to your health and kitchen.
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    Is your Microwave Killing you?

    What you put inside your microwave can determine your health. While eating the wrong food can make you sick, placing wrong containers on the stove can expose you to harmful chemicals. Here are few microwave mistakes that you must completely avoid.

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    Boiled Eggs

    Putting hard boiled eggs in the microwave can either get messy or you may end up with burnt fingers. Heat produced inside microwave creates a lot of steam in the egg, which can make the egg explode.

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    When you place frozen pieces of meat to defrost in microwave, the thinner edges of the meat start melting, while the thicker layers in the middle remain frozen. If you have a microwave which does not rotate the food, the heat gets distributed unevenly, allowing bacterial growth.

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    Breast Milk

    Microwaving frozen breast milk can warm the milk unevenly making it dangerously hot for the infant. Also,  researches show that microwaving breast milk can destroy its immune-boosting proteins.

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    Chinese Takeout Containers

    Containers with metals, even in little quantity should not be microwaved. When such containers are placed in microwaves, they can start a fire.

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    Plastic Containers

    Plastic containers should not be placed inside a microwave, but a lot of people do comply by this harmful habit. There are certain plastics that contain estrogen-like chemicals that may release and enter your food when heated.

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    Styrofoam Containers

    Just like plastic, Styrofoam can release harmful chemicals into the food when heated. Use a glass dish covered with a paper towel to heat the leftovers instead.

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    Certain Plates

    There are certain fancy plates made of Bone China or metal which must be kept away from the microwave. If your usage of microwave is a lot, make sure that you have a coloured plastic plate dedicated for microwave heating.

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    Travel Mugs

    Mugs made of stainless steel that keep your drinks warm are potentially harmful elements that you must avoid keeping in your microwave.

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