8 Things that are Fundamentally Wrong With the Indian Dating Scene

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 13, 2015

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Ideally, when dating starts, people take their time to understand their level of compatibility. However, dating scene in India isn’t so.
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    Indian Dating Scene

    Ideally, when dating starts, people take their time to understand their level of compatibility. However, dating scene in India isn’t so. There is something that gets in the way of what most expect from dating and really want in a relationship. Dating in India is definitely not easy; there’s a significant difference in how people date around the world and how Indian do.


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    Casual Dating is Unacceptable

    We are yet to get acquainted with the idea of casual dating. Dating has to be a serious thing. There is no room for harmless fun.


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    A Date is Always about Her

    You must get her flowers, gifts, pick her up and drop her. The other way around doesn’t exist! It is true that women love all the attention, but why should a guy be on his toes when dating is a mutual?


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    The Guy Has to Break the Ice

    Yes, ladies like to feel important, but there is always a pressure on the guy to propose. Reaching out first is considered a guy thing. So those who are shy to do so aren’t seen as "relationship material".


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    Women can’t take the Lead

    Women who take the lead are seen as easy and self disrespectful. Besides, if the woman is the first to propose, the guy will most likely to lose interest in her.


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    There's a Dating Timeline

    There are predefined rules and time for what should happen when. Having sex too soon is taken for a shallow relationship. What makes a relationship shallow is when the partners stop caring for each other, and not the timeline.


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    Hero Villain Game

    If she parts ways, the guy is presumed to be a villain. Things don’t change much if it is the guy who decides to end the relationship. He is still a villain! It’s never her fault.


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    All Roads Lead to Marriage

    Every relationship has to end in marriage! But, we don’t realise that not everything falls in place all the time and that not all love stories end in marriage. The pressure of marriage takes away a lot at the start of a romantic relationship, making it a tough ride ahead.


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    Matrimony - The Official Stamp of a Relationship

    When a married couple hang out, it is cute. When couples who are not married hang out, it is admonishing. It is okay for married couples to hold hands on the road, but not okay for unmarried couples to do so.


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