8 Sweet Little Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Gorgeous

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 04, 2015

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Holding her gently and looking deep into her eyes and telling her how beautiful she is will mean a world to her. Telling her how gorgeous she is can be the best gift ever for a woman. So, here is how you can master the art.
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    Celebrating Love!

    The month of celebrating love is here. While Valentine’s Day remains only 10 days away, lovers all over the globe leave no stone unturned to find the best way to shower their partner with all the love they have. From expensive gifts to luxurious getaways, everything is falling in place. So while you women churn your brain wheels to think about the best gift ever for him, here we have an amazing tip for men. Do something completely different for her this Valentine’s which she would appreciate and remember for the rest of her life. Tell her how gorgeous she is because telling a woman how gorgeous she is one of the nicest gifts you could ever give her. So, here are some extra special ways to express it.

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    Keep it Simple, Initially

    The first step to do is to keep it simple. Start with telling how good she looks. This compliment should come irrespective of the time you have been dating each other. Whenever you tell her how great she looks it will leave her heart fluttering. Your words will not only work as a boost to her mood but will also strengthen her confidence.

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    Keep Saying it

    Don’t save for `the’ day. Start saying it now and do it as often as you can. But make sure that you maintain a balance and avoid reaching a point where she stops taking you seriously.

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    Write on Paper

    We live in an age where text messages and emails have taken over hand written letters. So, break the stereotype and pen down a few phrases from a classic poem or from a song to describe her beauty. Look for her purse and slip it inside.

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    Say it Through a Song

    Make a playlist with her favourite songs that you think compliment her beauty the best. This is one of the most amazing ways to tell her how she dazzles you.

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    Be Specific

    Once you are done with complimenting her generally, try being a bit more specific. Instead of telling her how good she looks, tell her how her beautiful smile lights up your day.

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    Go Beyond Physical Beauty

    Times have changed and so have women. Receiving a compliment on the way she looks may not please her but, complimenting her on the way she carries her responsibilities and how you like it the way she completes you can give more effective results.

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    Make Use of Body Language

    At times words do not suffice because not many people master the art of verbal communication. But one thing which you surely will be good at is conveying a message through your body language. Just look deep into her eyes and ruffle her hair. The smoldering gaze will tell her how beautiful she is.

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